10 Tips How to Avoid a Bloated Stomach While on a Weight Loss Diet

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Tips to avoid a bloated stomach while losing weight

Help my stomach is bloated and let me like look like I am pregnant!

Or, your stomach is very flat in the morning but keeps growing bigger during the day, so you believe you are back to square one in the evening?

These are issuing many people on a weight loss diet often experiencing when they try to lose weight. It can be very de-motivating because the last you want is that your stomach is growing.

This article will give you a couple of tips that can help you avoid a bloated stomach while you are on a weight loss diet.

We recommend you follow at least a few of these tips; not only will they help you relieve bloating and constipation, but you will also get a big boost when it comes to your health and weight loss.

1. Cut Down on Diet Foods to Avoid Bloated Stomach

It may sound counter-intuitive, but if you are dealing with a bloating belly, it is a clever idea to avoid diet foods that you will use to make you lose weight.

The problem with these types of foods is that they contain many artificial sweeteners that cause bloating. These are hard for your stomach to digest, and they don’t do any good for your body either.

Instead, please Get rid of them and eat all-natural foods. It will make a huge difference and make you lose weight faster.

2. Drink More Water

The best you can do is keep sipping water throughout the day. The clever idea is to have a big glass of water next to you while you are working.

It will ensure a constant flow of fluids that will help you to avoid dehydration in your colon. It would help if you aimed to get a much as 4 liters of water per day, depending on your activity levels.

Drink Water to Avoid Water Retention

Water retention often occurs among dieters and can give you the feeling of being bloated. To get rid of this feeling, you will have to sip water, so you restore your body’s water levels.

Water retention may occur when you are starting to get dehydrated because your body will try to hold on to the water it has left in your body.

Stick to Water

You may get tempted to drink lemonade or sodas because you want some taste, but it is best if you stick to pure water. You can add some lime if you want some flavor; it will only do you good.

3. Lactose Intolerance and Milk Allergy

If you are drinking lots of milk and are experiencing a bloated belly, it can be because you are intolerant to lactose. An experienced doctor can quickly determine whether you are intolerant or not. Sometimes your doctor may perform a hydrogen breath test or a blood sugar test to be sure.

There is no direct treatment for lactose intolerance; sometimes, it is enough to stay away from milk for a couple of weeks. Other times it is sufficient to lower the amount of milk you are having. In more extreme cases, you must avoid drinking altogether.

Another solution is to switch your dairy products to soy or almond milk.

Lactose Intolerance Can Be Tricky When it Comes to Bloated Stomach

It can be tricky to have Lactose intolerance because you can often have cheese or yogurt with no problems. It is when you start to drink milk you are getting the symptoms.

Make Sure Getting Calcium from Something Else

If you have been drinking a lot of milk but must stop because of intolerance and stomach bloating, you must get your calcium levels covered by something else.

Here it is recommended to increase your intake of Broccoli, Kale, Salmon, and Tuna.

You can find more sources of Calcium-rich food on this link.

4. Avoid Refined Carbohydrates

White bread, sugars, and other empty calories in the form of refined carbohydrates should be avoided. The nutritional value is meager, which means you will fill up your stomach with something you don’t need. Because no fibers present will force your stomach, it is easier to get bloated and constipated.

Because no fibers present will push your stomach, it is simpler to get bloated and constipated.

But What About Fibers Then?

There is no doubt; fibers are right for you, your digestion, and your weight loss. But, if you increase your fiber intake too fast, you are going to get bloated. This mustn’t hold you back from eating fibers because you need them.

When you get started to eat fibers or want to increase your intake, make sure to slowly and gradually; that way, you will not get bloated.

5. Do an Overall Assessment of Your Weight Loss Food

What exactly are you eating when you want to lose weight, and how healthy is it? It is possible to lose weight on unhealthy foods, but they may cause undesired side effects like bloating and constipation issues.

So, when you get started with your weight loss diet, it is a clever idea to take a quick look at the health factor of the food you are planning to eat.

Doing a couple of searches online will help you to determine that.

6. Never Eat too Fast or Get You too Full

Digest your food slowly, and make sure to chew your food properly. Also, remember to take your time when you have your meals.

Eating too fast and get you too full will cause you to get a lot of gas in your stomach that will make you feel bloated.

7. Lower Your Use of Chewing Gums

Chewing gums are an excellent tranquilizer that can keep you calm even during the most challenging periods in your diet. Chewing gums can give you a sensation of feeling full while your stomach is screaming for food.

But using chewing gums can cause bloating problems because you are pushing air down in your stomach to make you bloated while you are eating.

The more stressed you are, the harder you will chew, and the more air you will push down on your belly.

If you want to use chewing gum, make sure to chew it calmly.

8. Eliminate Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety can be huge factors in bloating and the most difficult ones to solve. It demands you make some lifestyle changes and change your personality a little so no people can mess around with you.

If you are stressed out, it may cause bloating thru one of the three reasons below.

  • Hyperventilation
  • Air-breathing
  • Digestion

Another Reason Might Be

Somehow there is a connection between your stress and your stomach, and it got something to do with the physiological and automatic survival mode response.

When you are threatened, you have two options available, fight or flee. It releases a set of hormones the same way as when you are stressed out, especially when the weight starts to control us too much, and it becomes an

The situation releases a set of hormones the same way as when you are stressed out, especially when the weight starts to control us too much, and it becomes an obsession like we feel obligated to do something when people tell us to do so do not want to.

A side effect of this process and hormones is a bloated stomach.

It is important to stress that your bloating may be caused by digestive problems and the other issues we have discussed in this article. It is not always that anxiety causes a bloated stomach.

9. Increase Activity Level and Exercising

Even if it may feel a little painful, in the beginning, it can be a handy way to increase your activity level and get started to exercise. Do some daily walks, jog, or get a gym membership? It will all add up and help you to get your bloating and constipation under control.

You can improve your results by increasing your water intake as well.

10. Use PhenQ Help You to Lose Weight

It can be an excellent idea to use a supplement to help you to lose weight. But the last thing you want is to choose a supplement that makes you bloated.

Phen Q is a 5 in 1 weight loss supplement that can help you lose weight without bloating. It is done by choosing ingredients that are 100% pure and without serious side effects. Ingredients that don’t have a reputation for making you bloated and constipated.

The laboratories providing Phen Q in the Uk and US has been approved by the FDA and reaches GMP standard, two factors that guarantee that your supplement is clean and pure.

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Keep Losing Weight with No More Bloating

You can also see how to buy PhenQ, our article that describes how to get started.

Hopefully, you find the above ten tips useful for keeping losing weight without getting bloated. Remember it may take a few weeks before you are fully recovered from your bloating.

But you must address these issues because a couple of months of dieting with a bloated stomach is not fun.

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