Are Smoothies Good For Weight Loss? 7 Ways To Make Yours Ready For Your Diet!

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Smoothies and your weight loss diet!

One question that comes to many peoples attention when they are planning their diet is, are smoothies good for weight loss, or should they be avoided?

I am the first one to admit, that I love smoothies. They are a part of my daily breakfast routine where I get a couple of whole eggs and a smoothie. It gives me the perfect kick of energy so I can keep going for the rest of the day.

But honestly, mine isn’t the best for weight loss, because it contains ingredients like yogurt and banana. Both ingredients add unnecessary calories and can mix up my blood sugar levels.

Keep in mind that fructose you are getting from fruits almost is the same as the glucose in pure sugar.

So, if you want to make your smoothie healthier and ready for your weight loss diet, your primary focus is to increase the number of vegetables and limit the fruits and sugars you are using.

Before we move on, let’s take a quick look at my favorite smoothie these days and how a weight loss smoothie can look like.

My Personal Smoothie Favorite

Let’s have a quick look at the ingredients I am using.

1/2 cup of blueberries

1 cup of raspberries

1/2 cup of blackberries

One banana

Four spoons of raw oatmeal

A little yogurt, like two or three spoons

Skimmed Milk, just enough to make it smooth

My favorite smoothie is not so much a weight loss smoothie but more geared towards health because I use a lot of berries in the form of blue and blackberries, that are low in calories.

They are considered being superfoods and are powerful antioxidants, cleaning out free radicals and toxins. The berries I am using also improves my brain and cognitive function and help me to lower my cholesterol levels.

If you are not trying to lose weight and not that fond of having breakfast, I highly recommend you my favorite smoothie. You can add more oatmeal if you want to feel full and satisfied.

Want to learn more about superfood? Check out the article 5 Superfoods to Boost Your Weight Loss.

Smoothie For Weight Loss – A Suggestion

Are smoothies good for weight loss

2 cups of Spinach

Two celery stalks

1 cup black and blueberries

unsweetened almond milk or greek yogurt

One spoon of honey

When adding your ingredients also try thinking about using kiwi, avocado, beetroot, chia seeds, greek yogurt, and cinnamon.

Gone are the sugar-rich yogurt and the banana. It might be a little harsh to digest, so I suggest you use some all-natural honey to get the sweet flavor.

7 Ways To Make Your Smoothie Ready For Your Weight Loss Diet

Use can use the two above examples and compare the ingredients of a smoothie that doesn’t make you lose weight, and one that does.

Let’s have a closer look at seven ways to make your smoothie ready for your weight loss diet.

Don’t Buy – Make Your Own Smoothies

It is almost like every city has its own favorite smoothie place where they are selling delicious smoothies of all sorts.

Keep in mind, when buying a smoothie somewhere, their primary goal is to make you come back for more, getting you addictive to their smoothies. The best ingredients to do this is by adding fat and sugar to the smoothie, in some form. The overall result? Unnecessary calories!

If you want to have smoothies because of health and weight loss, it is much better you make them yourself.

Your Smoothie Is Too Big Size It Down

If you are the only one in your household having a smoothie, it can be quite challenging to make a small-sized smoothie because of the ingredients you put in the blender. Vegetables, berries, a banana, and a little yogurt easily add up, and you have your whole blender bowl full of ingredients.

To solve this, you can, either let your family and friends enjoy the creation of your smoothies, or you can put it in your freezer and save it for the next day. I admit a freshly made smoothie is more delicious than one from yesterday.

You Are Using Yoghurt? Go Greek!

yogurt for smoothies

Even if your yogurt says it is all-natural, it still contains lots of sugars. Some yogurt brands include more sugar per 100 g than a Cola does, so choose wisely.

As an alternative to the classic sweetened yogurt, you can either choose the one with no sugar or go for greek yogurt. Personally, I am not so fond of the no-sugar version so I recommend Greek Yoghurt, which carries a lot of health benefits.

Only Use Enough Yogurt To Get The Creamy Effect

Another way to cut your calories is just to use a little yogurt, but enough to get the creamy effect. Many people use too much yogurt in the first place making their smoothies. There is really no need for it because it doesn’t add the extra flavor except for calories.

Use Vegetables Instead of Fruits

The trick to lowering the calories in your smoothies is to use vegetables instead of fruits. But, if you are a sugar-head like I am that can be quite difficult, because you are after the sweet taste the smoothie provides you with.

To solve this, I suggest you gradually transform your smoothie from being a sugar-bomb to become a detoxer.

First, step in this process is to ditch the banana. It is likely the ingredient that contains most sugar in the form of fructose. Instead add up using berries, like blue and blackberries, they add the sweet flavor without too many calories.

Never Have Smoothies With Orange Juice

Except for vitamin C which you can get elsewhere, the orange juice you buy doesn’t provide you with a lot of benefits; it is terrible for your teeth and your stomach.

Besides that, it contains a lot of sugar that will boost the number of calories your smoothie contains.

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Are You Using Coconut Milk? Keep Yourself Updated On The Coconut Controversy!

These days there is a lot of controversies about whether coconut is good or bad for you! One camp, led by Harvard professor Karin Michels claims that coconut is pure poison due to the high amounts of trans fat it contains. It makes it similar to the use of butter.

The other camp, which is the dominating belief today, claims that the different transfats are not created equal, and some of them will benefit you more than others.

It is unclear whether coconut raises levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol or levels of HDL, the good cholesterol.

I recommend you keep yourself updated on this matter and adapt to what is recommended.

Have Your Smoothie At The Right Time

As I said in the beginning, I have my smoothie first thing in the morning as a part of my breakfast routine. It means I can take it more relaxed with the calories and add more fruits than vegetables without getting fat.

If I had my breakfast smoothie at night-time, I for sure would end up with extra belly fat, due to the amounts of fructose and sugars I am getting. But because I had my fruit smoothie in the morning, it has been burned off as calories during the day.

The more fruit you are having in your smoothie, the earlier you have to drink it. Having vegetables instead, and you can have it later during the day.

Slow Down Drinking It

Don’t make having your smoothie sugar rush time! Because our brain tends to see a smoothie like sweets, many of us tend to drink our smoothie too fast. It is a problem because it leaves us hungry after we finished it. So, when you have your smoothie, slow down and drop the straw. Drink it normal or with a spoon.

Doing so and your body will have the time to feel full and satisfied before you move on to your next meal.

Are Smoothies Good For Weight Loss?

Can smoothies make you lose weight?

Smoothies, can either be that food, that saves your diet or be the devil in disguise that seduces you into having too much sugar causing you to gain weight.

They are something you have to be careful about because it can push you in both directions, depending on the ingredients.

So when you are preparing your smoothie for weight loss, make sure to focus on using vegetables and berries, and avoid using fruits and bananas.

If you want to use yogurt, I recommend you to either use as little as possible or go Greek.

So are smoothies good for weight loss? Yes, if you consider the above!

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