5 Women’s Diet Tips – When You Have Reached a Weight Loss Plateau

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Women's Diet Weight Loss Plateau

Have you reached the dreaded weight loss plateau in your diet so you no longer lose weight?

I know it can destroy your motivation because the weight stays the same no matter what you do.

The truth is that many people do give on their diet when they have reached this point. They begin to spend a lot of energy trying to convince themselves that they got too busy. Others say that the time wasn’t right for their diet.

The truth is, the time is never right; if you wait for that, you may end up waiting for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Just because you have reached a weight loss plateau doesn’t mean that you cannot lose weight; of course, you can.

To Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau, Look with a Different Perspective

At this point, you need to look at your diet from a unique perspective. Incorporate tweaks and methods that your body doesn’t expect you to do. Take a closer look at your diet, your calorie intake. Are you doing it right?

You can look at and chance many things, even when you have reached that dreaded plateau.

In the following, I will give you a couple of tips that you can quickly get started using today. Tweaks that will get you back on track to lose weight.

1. You Are Working Out but Are Still Not Losing Weight

And you may even gain weight from going to the gym.

Paying close attention to your diet and burning some extra calories to do the gym should make you lose weight.

Well, even if it doesn’t show on the scale, you are losing weight. That is, if you are pushing yourself enough to burn some additional calories.

Because you are building lean muscles and weigh more than the fat you are burning, you are experiencing a weight gain. It is something that mostly happens to women and men who have been working out before.

Due to muscle memory, your body will quickly build up some lean muscle mass the first couple of weak of your new workout.

The best you can do is not worry about it too much. Just enjoy the extra lean muscles you are getting; they will look good on you.

After a few weeks, you will reach a point will your muscle development will slow down, and the weight loss will start to show on the scale.

Building Lean Muscles Will Benefit Your Weight Loss Overall

Unfortunately, at this point, many women get scared of building lean muscles. Instead, they start to spend their gym time on the cross trainer or treadmill because they fear getting bulky.

Under normal circumstances, the bulkiness you feel you are getting will disappear first because your body will get used to working out. Second, you are losing body fat.

When lifting weights vs. cardio, you should stick to doing weights first and then finish off your session with some cardio.

Measure Your Fat Levels Instead of Your Overall Weight

If this weight gain is nagging you, what you can do is measure your fat levels instead of your overall weight. You will notice that your fat level percentage is dropping.

You can also try to wear some old clothes and see how they fit now.

2. Turn Your Weight Loss Habits Upside Down

Weight loss plateau habits

Your body tends to get used to what you are doing. If you have your meals at specific times during the day with a certain number of calories, your body will soon get used to it and adapt accordingly.

What you can do is switch things around and surprise your body a little. Let’s look at a couple of examples.

Do Intermittent Fasting

Instead of having three main meals and two snacks spread out during the day, try intermittent fasting.

The most popular protocol is the 16/8 rule, where you are having two meals within a period of 8 hours. The rest of the time, you stay away from food. I

If it sounds hard, keep in mind that you will be sleeping some of the 16 hours.

Also, intermittent fasting is the perfect protocol to follow if you hate breakfast because you can set it up the way you want it.

Have A Weekly Cheat Meal?

Some nutritionists are against it because it can break your habits, but I favor it because you can use it as a reward system.

Having the meal with extra carbs, fat, or whatever with family and friends once a week can make your diet easier for the rest of your weak.

Also, a weekly cheat meal tends to shock your body out of its habits of expectations.

Move Around More Daily

Being on a diet and sitting on a chair for 8 to 10 hours daily is not exactly making it easier to lose weight.

Always make sure to move around as much as possible. Go for that extra coffee at work but stay away from the cake. Take the stays, do a brisk walk at lunch.

Do a fast cleaning at home daily; it all adds up on the calories.

Finally, check out these ten powerful habits to make you lose weight faster to get some more inspiration.

3. A Calorie Is Still a Calorie Also When Avoiding a Weight Loss Plateau


No matter what type of diet you are doing, low-carb, high-protein, or the Keto diet, a calorie is still a calorie. Doing a specific diet is not an excuse for eating more.

Many tend to believe because fat, for example, is denser than proteins and carbs, it will make you feel full and satisfied faster, so you will eat less.

Please don’t count on it. Especially not if you take into consideration that fat contains more calories per gram than proteins and carbs. If you overeat on the keto diet, you will gain weight, no matter what type of food you are consuming.

Count your calories, and don’t believe in weight loss fairytales.

4. Look Out for and Avoid Hidden Sugars

Hidden sugars can put your weight loss on hold and even make you gain weight.

For example, a glass of milk contains around thirteen grams of sugar, which will give you about 150 calories more or less. Alternatively, you can use unsweetened almond milk and get a whopping 0 grams of sugar and only eighty grams in total.

Yogurt isn’t any better; in fact, a lot worse. 8 oz of fruit yogurt can contain thirty-nine grams of sugar, 152 calories just on the sugar.

So perhaps that fruit smoothie you have every morning is not that healthy after all and is causing a plateau in your weight loss.

Instead, you can use Greek yogurt, which only contains around 5 grams of sugar—a way better choice.

Check Your Condiments a Great Way to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

I recommend you go through all the food items and condiments you are regularly having. Look at how many calories they contain and where they a coming from.

From here, you can either eliminate or find better alternatives. Like, instead of ketchup, you can make your tomato salsa and so on.

5. Adapt Your Diet According to Your Blood Sugar Levels

weight loss plateau and your blood sugar levels

Here is an interesting one I have covered in my article Know Your Blood Sugar Levels and Lose Weight Faster.

Instead of falling in love with the latest diet craze like so many others are doing, analyze your body to find out what types of food are best for your weight loss.

The best way to do so is to measure your blood sugar levels and adapt your diet accordingly.


If your blood sugar levels are normal or below 5,6 mmol/l, you should stick to a diet of proteins and carbs.

Your protein sources can be lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs, and vegetables.

When it comes to your carbohydrate sources, potatoes, rice, vegetables, starches, and many fibers are a good option.

In this group, you should keep your fat intake to a minimum.

Increased Levels

If you have increased levels between 5,6 and 6,9 mmol/l, you should still get some proteins, carbs, and healthy fat sources.

When it comes to carbs, you should leave out starches and rice and go after whole grain sources regarding carbohydrates.

Reliable sources of fat in this group are avocado, fatty fish, olive oil, and nuts.

High Levels

Finally, we have elevated levels which are above seven mmol/l. If you belong to this group, you should avoid carbs altogether and stick to protein sources and healthy fat.

Besides fatty fish, avocado, and olive oils, you should also get some cheese, dark chocolate, and chia seeds if you belong to this group.

The Keto Diet

According to a weight loss diet based on your blood sugar levels, you should only consider doing the keto diet if you have elevated levels or are in the upper end of the increased levels group.

Remember, if your blood sugar levels are high, you are at risk of getting diabetes. So, cutting your carbs, sugars, and starches to an absolute minimum will be beneficial.

If you are into the keto diet, check out 33 Keto Diet Hacks to Turn Your Diet into a Success and get some tweaks that will make you lose weight.

Consider Using a Fat Burner Specially Made for Women

Please don’t rely on fat burners entirely, but some of them can tip the scale in your favor and help you get started losing some weight.

When choosing a fat burner, you should consider one that is specially made for women. That way, you don’t end up with unwanted ingredients that can backfire on your weight loss diet.

Because most fat burners are made for both men and women, they come with ingredients that suit both sexes. The problem here is that men’s and women’s weight loss is not quite the same.

It means you can end up with ingredients that aggressively help promote higher testosterone and muscle-building levels when all you want is to have a slim figure.

Trimtone A Great Weight to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

Trimtone is a fat burner for women only with ingredients that can promote a women’s weight loss most effectively without any side effects.

You can expect the following benefits from using Trimtone

  • Improve your fat burn
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Reduce and suppress your appetite
  • Raise your energy levels

It is all the elements you need to avoid a weight loss plateau and get a successful diet.

Check out our Trimtone review to learn more about the benefits, how it works, and what to expect. If you want to get started using Trimtone today, click on the link below.

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Trimtone A Fat Burner For Women

Also, Check Out These Great Articles

Now that you have overcome your weight loss plateau, I highly recommend checking out a couple of articles.

First, if you have issues with too much of an appetite, a wonderful way to move forward is to suppress your appetite. One way of doing this is to increase your daily intake of vegetables, but it does take a lot. An easier way to suppress your appetite is by using a supplement like Zotrim. It gives you a couple of ingredients that will help you reduce hunger to get started losing weight.

We have talked about the keto diet a couple of times throughout this article. If, as I recommended, your blood sugar levels are right for the keto diet, but you are still not losing weight? You can get started using exogenous ketones! They will deliver some of the ketones you need to push your body into fat-burning ketosis. A wonderful way to test it out and see some results is with a keto-free trial. Here you will receive a sample bottle so you can feel the benefits on your own body.

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