The 1 Simple Thing You Must Do to Make Your Weight Loss Diet a Huge Success

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Do you know the main reason people stop being on their diet? Is it really because they managed to lose the weight they wanted?

The main reason people terminate their diet, often long before they have reached their weight loss goals, is because “something” suddenly came up!

I am talking about all the small or significant excuses we often use to justify our bad eating habits. Like you are busy at work and have no chance of preparing your meals. So, you end up eating junk food.

Or some event happened that stressed you out, and you think you better eat junk food so you can cope with it all.

It is sad to see because people have the best intentions when they start their diet but end up overeating gaining even more weight just because something happened.

It would help if you didn’t let this happen to you and your weight loss diet because you will have to start all over, and it can take months to take that step again.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid it from happening, and it is what we are going to talk about in this article.

How to become a weight loss success by doing an overall assessment and create a plan.

When Are People Starting?

I remember my times as a personal trainer having that first meeting with a client, talking to them about their fitness goals. Very often, I would hear something like this:

“I want to lose 20 pounds in one month, and I will do it by only having vegetables and salads all day long!”

It is good to have goals; also, good to have goals where you push yourself.

It is also good to have a method to reach your goals, as my client had. She wanted to lose 20 pounds in a month by eating vegetables.

But she did not have the process, how to do it due to lack of planning, and the milestones to reach her goals.

As with so many others, taking the same approach, she failed her diet!

How To Prevent Failure and Create a Weight Loss Success

So, how do you prevent this from happening to your diet?

By creating the process, knowing exactly what to do, and avoiding the obstacles on the way!

It is why you must spend a couple of hours at the beginning of your diet figuring how to approach it.

Ask yourself a couple of questions and give each one a realistic answer. Feel free to add your own items to the list as well. The more, the better!

How Much Weight Do I Want to Lose?

How much weight are you planning to lose? 5, 10, or even 20 pounds?

When you decide on your weight goal, remember these 3 golden rules.

  1. The more weight you want to lose and the faster you want to do it. The more likely are you going to gain it all back within 6 to 8 months.
  2. If you lose weight too fast, you might get a problem with loose stomach skin, especially if you are obese. But honestly lose stomach skin can happen to everyone.
  3. A healthy weight loss is around 1 to 2 pounds per week or 1% of your body weight.

As a side note, sticking to a healthy weight loss, which will take longer than a crash diet, is the type of diet you are most likely to become successful with.

How Many Weeks Do I Have Available?

Are you planning to go on a diet forever? Or do you have a particular occasion like a wedding, a birthday you want to get ready for?

It is a clever idea to have a deadline for your diet. It will help you to stay on track and work focused on achieving some satisfactory results.

Also, having an occasion to get ready for can be a good motivator.

Remember to have some milestones on the way, like a 2 pounds weight loss per week. Or be able to fit some of your clothes in 4 weeks.

Losing XX Pounds in a Matter of XX Weeks, is That Possible?

When have you determined how much time you have and how much weight you want to lose, ask yourself if it is a realistic goal? Sleep on it if you have to.

Keep in mind you can always change your goals on the way but start by having a goal set.

How Much Time During the Week Do I have for my Groceries?

Doing Your Groceries

Do you like to spend hours buying all sorts of exotic groceries, or are you a fast in and fast out of the supermarket type of person?

Make sure you create a plan on what to buy and not to buy. A good trick here is to do your groceries on a full stomach.

What Type of Food am I Going to Eat?

You can easily buy some highly effective diet food to go as low as 1000 calories per day. But you can live with eating that type of food for the next many weeks?

Perhaps, you should stick to something you like and make it healthier and with fewer calories? Sticking to vegetables and salads for 12 weeks is hard!

Think carefully about what to eat while you are on your diet. Also, please spend some time, in the beginning, figuring out how many calories it contains.

How am I Going to Make my Meals and My Snacks?

If you are not a kitchen person, this is not the right time for you to become one!

It would help if you thought about how you are going to prepare your meals. Remember, healthy food does not mean you have to stay in the kitchen an entire day.

However, you may want to find inspiration online for healthy dishes to make.

Also, make sure to prepare food in advance and save it in the fridge or freezer. It makes it a whole lot easier to have five dishes ready to be made after a 10-hour working day than having to peel potatoes and prepare some meat.

Snacks, you can quickly prepare! It can be a protein shake after a workout or a bag of nuts you can chew while working.

If you like to cook, I am confident that you have a lot of inspiration already.

Do I Want to Exercise?

Exercising is highly recommended. It promotes health and burns additional calories!

But yes, it is not for everyone. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t like to spend an hour in an overcrowded gym or a cross-fitness class where everybody is creaming Go Go Go.

Find something you will like due to. 30 minutes minute walk three times weekly is better than nothing.

Realistically, How Much Time Do I Have Available for Exercising?

Ok, so you do want to go to a gym to work out! How much time do you have available to do so? Will you do it in the mornings or after work?

Set up a schedule where you know when and exactly how much time you will spend in the gym. This schedule must fit with all your other duties.

If you are just starting as a gym person, is it realistic to believe you can train 2 hours, five days per week, and at the same time take care of a 60-hour job?

Perhaps, having a goal of a 1-hour workout three times per week is a better choice. You don’t want to run tired of it all.

How Is My Workload at Work Going to Be?

Do you know how to cope with being on a diet and stressed out at work?

This question is fundamental to pay attention to because it makes a lot of people fail their diet.

The busier and stressed out you are at work or at home, the more likely you will find comfort in sweets and unhealthy foods.

So if you know you have a lot of stress at work, you must find how you can stick to your diet and not fall into the temptation of unhealthy food.

Preparing meals in advance is excellent, so buying a pizza after work does not become an excuse.

Here, it is also important to have snacks with you. I like nuts because they are healthy and natural to eat. But fruit and other stuff will do as well.

Are There Any Upcoming Events, Like Parties, Weddings, or Birthdays?

Don’t become that annoying person who is too careful about what they are eating. Relax, and have an off day from your diet.

You know in advance that you have the event so that you can be a little stricter with your diet before and after that day. When you know these things in advance and the expertise you will handle, you will make it easier for yourself to get back on your diet.

Are There Any Other Factors in My Life That Can Cause Stress While I am On My Diet?

For sure, there is always the unknown factor, but you can cope with that too by having a plan on how to handle it. It is often problems at home or stress that may help us fail in our diets. But it does not have to be this way.

Ensure to create a backup eating plan if a lot of stress and issues are coming your way. Make sure not to use food as comfort, because it is not. It is not your personal shrink but purely functional.

By Answering All These Questions Am I In Any Way Lying to Myself?

Ask yourself honestly if you are lying to yourself answering these questions.

Like saying you want to start working out in a gym but hate going there. It is better to be realistic, and then start walking and then join the gym later. Then it will not become a loss but a bonus—something you did extra for your diet.

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Develop Your Plan

When you have written down all your answers, it will become much more comfortable to develop your plan.

Now, as a starting point, you know exactly how much you want to lose and how much time you have. You also have a couple of milestones like fitting a pair of pants in 4 weeks or a minimum weight loss of 2 pounds weekly.

You have discussed whether your plan is realistic or not, and it is good to go.

When it comes to your diet food, you know what to eat, how to get it, and prepare it. You also already know what to do when you are busy at work or stressed out.

At this point, you have also given your thoughts on exercising and know what you want to do. You have realized that five days a week is a little too much because you also want to spend time with your family. So, you will go for three days a weekly routine.

Your Weight Loss Diet Is No Longer a Gamble

By doing your planning and overall assessment, you can control every aspect of your weight loss diet. No longer will it be a gamble whether you can lose 20 pounds in a month or not.

When we stop gambling with our diet and instead create a practical method that will get us to our goals, it is time we become successful with our diet and with ourselves.

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