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Do you have any questions about using PhenQ as your preferred weight loss supplement? Or you just want to get an overview and opinion about this weight loss supplement then the following PhenQ Q&A might help you out.

In the following, we are going to answer some of the most frequent questions people are asking regarding using this supplement!

If you have a question you don’t see in the following, feel free to contact us, and we will find the answer for you. Let’s get started.

1. Who Is PhenQ For?

It doesn’t matter if you are old or young, man or woman! Everyone who wants to lose weight can enjoy the many benefits of using PhenQ for your weight loss diet.

But keep in mind, the more active part you take, the more weight you will lose. If you feel it overwhelming to start an exercise routine, keep in mind that PhenQ also will raise your energy levels.

2. How Does It Work?

PhenQ is a multi-beneficial weight loss supplement which means it will help you to lose weight in a couple of different ways.

Right below we will give you a quick overview of how PhenQ works. See our PhenQ review where we will dig deeper into how PhenQ will make you lose weight.

Improve Your Body’s Ability To Burn Fat

The first step in the process of making you slimmer is to improve your body’s ability to burn fat. PhenQ comes with ingredients that will improve your fat burn ratio and make it possible to get rid of stubborn fat on hips, thighs, and buttocks.

Slow Down The Conversion Of Carbohydrates

A certain portion of the carbohydrates and fats you are eating will be turned into body fat, for later use. Some of the ingredients you are getting with PhenQ will slow down this process.

Raise Your Metabolism So You Will Burn More Calories

Your metabolism is a vital key to a successful weight loss diet. The higher metabolism you have, the easier it is to lose weight. It will help you raise your metabolism.

Create Thermogenesis

Creating thermogenesis in your body is a very effective way to lose weight. Some of the ingredients will help you to raise your core temperature, and that way raise your metabolism and fat burn.

Suppress Your Appetite

Suppressing your appetite, so you feel full and satisfied much faster is a great way to lose weight. It is also an excellent way to learn portion control, so you will not end up in an eating feast after finishing your diet.

Raise Your Energy Levels

Having that extra level of energy when dieting can really mean a lot. It can help you to raise your activity levels and make you go to the gym on days you usually would be exhausted.

Keep Your Mod and Spirit High

Unfortunately, continuous low-calorie dieting and thoughts of food can be quite hard on your mood, and force you into bad habits of emotional and comfort eating. It does have to be like this, your weight loss diet is a journey of a lifetime, to a slimmer you. PhenQ will help you with that.

You can learn a lot more about how it will make you lose weight and the benefits in our full review here.

3. How Much Time Will It Takes Before I Start To See Results?

How fast you can start seeing some results depends on a lot of factors. But usually, you should start to see some results after two weeks or so. But it depends on your condition, your fitness level, and how serious you are with your diet.

4. What If I Do Not See Any Results?

Unfortunately for some people, it will take a bit longer than two weeks before you start seeing some results. But it is very important that you calm down and stick to the plan.

Sometimes it just takes your body a little time to react one the diet changes you are making. It will only hold on to your body fat a little longer. When this happens, you will often see quite a drop in weight, after a few weeks.


If you are starting on a workout schedule, lifting weights and building lean muscles, it might take longer before you start seeing a drop on the scale. But no worry, you are losing weight!

Keep in mind that muscles weigh more than fat, and the muscles you are gaining simply weigh more than the body fat you are losing. Sometimes your weight might even go up a little. If you want to be sure, try asking your gym for a fat caliper, and measure your body fat.

Often, it also shows your clothing sizes. Suddenly you are one down, and your weight stays the same.

5. How Effective Is It And How Much Weight Can I Lose?

A recommended healthy weight loss is around 2lbs weekly. Losing that amount means you will not end up with lose stomach skin or other issues caused by a fast weight loss.

Some diet claims have been able to lose up to 5lbs weekly using PhenQ. But remember a faster weight loss, does not mean a better weight loss.

The best approach you can use is to sneak off body fat and then just enjoy your weight loss ride.

6. Is PhenQ The Same As Phentermine?

Where PhenQ is an all-natural fat burner, Phentermine is a prescription drug and not the same.

Although it does give you similar capabilities when it comes to metabolism and fat burn. But when using Phentermine the risks of side effects are much higher than using PhenQ

7. How To Take The PhenQ Pills?

For best results, PhenQ recommends you take one capsule for breakfast and another one for lunch. Make sure not to take any pills are 3 p.m. since it can cause sleepless nights.

Remember, taking more capsules does not mean better results. Then rather eat healthier or squeeze in an extra workout during the week.

8. How Long Can I Take This Supplement?

In general, you can take it for as long as you want, until you have reached your desired weight.

Before getting started, it is recommended that you do some planning and set up some goals on how much as fast you want to lose weight.

That way you can order your bottles of PhenQ for your weight-loss period and get some significant savings on your package.

9. How Long Will A Bottle Last?

One bottle contains 60 capsules, and it is recommended that you take two daily. So one bottle will last you a month.

10. What If I Start To Gain Weight Again?

If you start to gain weight again, you can start to use PhenQ again. It will still have the same effects when it comes to your weight loss.

If you have any unopened bottles from your last diet, please check the expiration day before using them.

11. Does PhenQ Work With The Keto Diet?

You can use PhenQ together with the keto diet. Not only will it help you to raise your energy levels, but it will also improve your metabolism and fat burn.

The keto diet is all about getting your body into ketosis. A state where you will burn ketones coming from fat instead of carbs. PhenQ will not interfere in that process.

Check out our article: Using PhenQ Together With The Keto Diet, Good or Bad? to learn more.

12. How Much Caffeine Comes With PhenQ?

In each serving of PhenQ (1 tablet) you are getting 142.5mg of caffeine anhydrous. The size used to be 150mg, but PhenQ decided to lower the amount a little to make their weight loss supplement safer.

To compare, a cup of regular coffee comes with around 94,8mg of caffeine, so the dosage here is higher than a cup of coffee. If you opt for the 16 oz. Starbucks Americano the levels of caffeine are closer to 225mg per serving.

Keep in mind that your daily dosage of PhenQ is two capsules which means you will be getting 289mg of caffeine daily from PhenQ.

According to the MayoClinic, up to 400mg of caffeine daily seems to be safe for most adults.

It means you can get your two capsules of PhenQ and still have your cup of coffee in the morning. Total it will be less than 400mg and still be safe.

What Is Caffeine Anhydrous?

Anhydrous means “without water” and is a popular form of caffeine to use in not only supplements but also various types of foods.

Chemically, it is precisely the same as the caffeine you are getting from coffee beans. But my guess is they are more compact meaning you can reduce the size of your capsules.

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13. Is It Safe?

PhenQ is relatively safe to use; the only thing must watch out for are the caffeine levels, especially if you are having more than one cup of coffee daily, or are using energy drinks or other caffeine-rich products.

If you are getting too much caffeine, you will feel bloated and constipated and perhaps diarrhea. Other symptoms of caffeine are restlessness and sleepless, nights.

Before you ditch it completely, I highly recommend you to reduce your coffee intake and stop drinking energy drinks.

When it comes to the other ingredients in PhenQ, there are currently no reports regarding any side effects.

14. Can I Use It If I Take Any Medications?

All ingredients are all-natural, so there shouldn’t be any issues. However, it is highly recommended that you talk to your doctor.

What About Contraceptives?

You can safely use contraceptives; the ingredients will not intercept or cause any issues.

15. Anyone Who Shouldn’t Use This Weight Loss Supplement?

If you are under 18, you shouldn’t use it. Also if you are pregnant or breastfeeding it is recommended that you avoid PhenQ.

If you are taking any prescription drugs, you must talk to your doctor before getting started.

16. Where Does It Ship From?

PhenQ ships from both the United Kingdom, Germany, and The United States. It means fast, free shipping to most of the world!

17. Who Makes This Fat Burner?

PhenQ is created by a company named Wolfson Berg. Their main office is located in the United Kingdom, and all manufacturing of PhenQ is taking place in the United Kingdom as well.

For you it means, you are getting a weight loss supplement that is made in a country with strict rules and regulations when it comes to the quality, ingredients, and the process of making the capsules.

18. Who Sells It?

PhenQ is only selling online at the official PhenQ store. For you, as a customer, it means better customer service and delivery. On top of that, buying directly also gives you access to some great discounts when buying in bulk.

19. Why Can’t You Buy PhenQ In Other Stores?

First, as we just mentioned, because PhenQ can give you better customer support than any other store, simply because they know their product.

Another reason, it is very beneficial for a supplement manufacturer to have that direct contact with their customers. It means they are better listeners and can change their supplement according to customers’ needs and new scientific knowledge.

If PhenQ were only selling from Amazon, which indeed is more comfortable, they would never be able to have that direct contact with their customers.

For you as a customer, it means you are getting a better weight loss product because they know more about your needs.

20. Is It a Scam?

PhenQ is real and has been on the market for quite some time now. The company behind Wolfson Berg is also real.

On top of that, there are scientific tests and studies available supporting most of the claims they are stating. On the PhenQ website, you will find a list of references to scientific sources and studies that are backing these claims.

Factor X

Unfortunately, using a weight loss supplement is never a guarantee that you are going to lose weight. The same goes for this weight loss supplement. However, by following their directions and following a healthy diet, your chances of losing weight using PhenQ are higher than with many other supplements.

21. In What Countries Is It Available?

The supplement is available worldwide, and you will receive free shipping no matter where you live.

Keep in mind that every order will be sent, between 24-48 hours.

How long it will take your package to arrive, depends on your country’s postal system.

To make sure you are getting your package as fast as possible, it will be sent from the warehouse closest to you.

Also, check out the page regarding PhenQ UK for further reading.

Also remember, we have a full PhenQ review available where you can learn even more about this fat burner and how it can help you lose weight.

22. How to Pay For Your Package

PhenQ offers several different payment methods which include, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. You can also use the Skrill payment method if you find that more convenient.

To buy, you will have to use one of these methods. There is no “pay when the package arrives” options available.

23. What About Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, there is a money-back guarantee on any unopened and unused bottles of PhenQ as long as they are returned in their original packaging within 67 days of receiving your order.

You can find a lot more information about how to buy and also where to buy if you have more questions regarding this process.

If you want to get started using PhenQ, please use the link below it will take you straight to their special page with a special 20% discount available.

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