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Martin with his favorite workout tool - TRX

Yep, That is me, standing with one of my favorite workout tools, the TRX Trainer!


Thank you for visiting my site I hope that you will find the information you are looking for and that you are having a good experience being here.

Let me introduce myself! My name Martin Christensen and I got certified personal trainer and fitness coach in 2006 at the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA).

Since then I have helped hundreds of people lose weight, change their diet habits, and to get in shape overall.

Since personal training is one on one training, making it difficult to spread the health message out to a broader range of peoples, I started to write articles and making fitness review sites in 2010. My purpose was to inform about fitness, how to get healthy, and lose weight! Most often without turning into a fitness freak working out 5 hours a day!

A couple of years ago I got interested in PhenQ, first of all, because of its unique composition of ingredients. Second, because here there was a supplement that was not based on the latest fitness weight loss craze, or being the new secret diet of Hollywood.

To me, PhenQ was a weight loss supplement that could help people lose weight, without having to turn their life upside down! You see if weight loss becomes an obsession? You have just replaced one addiction with another one, not really moving forward!

What I like and why I recommend PhenQ is because it is not trying to change your personality, it is about helping you to lose weight as long as you are committed yourself willing to eat healthily and increase your activity levels.

Why Would A Personal Trainer Recommend A Weight Loss Product?

Isn’t weight loss supplements just bad competition to your business Martin? Using weight loss supplements, aren’t just giving up on doing all the effects of losing weight?

First of all, weight loss supplements should never be your overall solution to your weight problem or health! Because, as I said, you are just replacing one addiction with another one.

But I do believe good, well-made weight loss supplements can be a good contributing factor to help you lose weight! It all depends on the ingredients, the exact same way as the composition of your nutrition overall from your diet can be a contributing factor to your health and weight loss.

I know from many of my clients, having that support from a supplement can make it easier to lose weight and reach your fitness goals. Weight loss supplements, when they have been well thought off, can make you feel more accountable to stick to your weight loss diet.

What You Need To Do Now

So first, I highly recommend you make that commitment to yourself that you want to lose weight! The next step is to take a look at your diet and make it healthier. Make sure to reduce your calorie intake.

Consider exercising and increasing your activity levels! I know gyms are not for everyone, some of them can be horrible, with too many people in one room. Instead, find something you like doing as long as you are getting your heart rate up.

Check out my blog to get some fitness tips that can help you lose weight! Also, head over to my Instagram, where I post fitness and weight loss tips that a little different from what you normally hear.

The next step is to learn more about what PhenQ has to offer! First, read my full PhenQ review, next learn more about the ingredients, which I believe is important to know. Finally, you can learn more about how to buy, and where to buy. But, you can always use the links on the different pages, they will lead straight to the PhenQ website!

Contact Information

Currently, I live in Mexico, mainly because of the weather here is much nicer than in Europe where I am from. This site is stored on a secure server located in the United States so you should have no issues visiting this site.

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