How To Eat Less Calories And To Lose Weight

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How to eat less and lose weight

How to eat less for a faster weight loss and a healthier you?

Being able to eat less is the foundation for all types of diets when you want to lose weight.

No matter if you are doing the keto, a high-protein, or a low-calorie diet, you will have to take burn more calories than you are eating. Else, you are not going to get any results.

I know it doesn’t sound easy, especially if you start on your diet to lose weight. Saying goodbye to old eating habits can feel like saying goodbye to an old friend you will never see again.

But remember, when you have learned how to eat less, you will realize how unhealthy that “old friend” was and embrace your new eating habits.

In this article on how to eat less, I will make it a lot easier for you. You will get some of the best approaches to eat less food, calories and finally lose weight.

How To Eat Less Sugar – Plan Your Meals And Stick To It

The best you can do is do your groceries once a week and plan your meals for that week. Avoid going to the supermarket during the weak to avoid impulse buying that can get you tempted to eat more.

Knowing exactly what you will eat makes it so much easier to maintain control and stop overeating.

In The Case Of Events

If you have any events, birthdays, dinners, and other things coming up? Make sure to plot it into your plan as well! Here it is important to give yourself the space to enjoy a good dinner with family and friends. Make sure it is because of the company and not the food.

Starving yourself, sticking to a salad at a dinner party, and going home after even an empty your fridge, is not the way to go.

Change From Emotional To Functional Eating

Remember, food is not supposed to make you happy. You eat to make you stay alive and healthy. Happiness is something you work on without the use of food.

Please spend some time looking for the emotional triggers that can cause you to eat and eliminate them.

  • The Comfort Eater – Having a bad day makes you eat too much.
  • The Panic Eater – OMG, this is my last chance to have this meal! I better get it.
  • The Rewarder – I have been so good today, so I deserve to have my favorite unhealthy meal
  • The Postponer – I have so much work to do, so I better eat before I start.
  • The Unconcious Eater – I eat almost without knowing, especially when I watch my favorite shows.
  • The Innocent Eater – My friend insisted that I should try this, so I did
  • The Proud Big One – I am bigger than anyone, so I should eat more.
  • The Pre-Eater – I start on my diet Monday, so I better eat more now.
  • The  Post Eater – I have been good on my diet, so I deserve a good meal
  • The Sensible Eater – I better eat now because I don’t know when I have the chance next time.
  • The Boredom Eat – I am bored, so I better eater.

I am sure you can recognize at least one, if not more, of these before triggers! Perhaps even more?

Feel free to compile your own list of triggers you believe make you eat too much. Just being aware of your triggers makes it a whole lot easier to eat less.

Make sure to view your list once a week as a reminder so you can stay on track.

How To Eat Less – Make Your Meals As Simple As Possible

Have simple meals

You got to know exactly what you are putting in your mouth!

To do that, make your meals as simple as possible and learn to enjoy the flavor of simplicity.

You don’t 10 sauces, ketchup, creams, and a whole lot of spices to make your meals delicious.

Make Use Of The YGD Combination

The YGD combination is a mix of the herbs yerba mate, guarana, and damiana. According to studies, this combination is particularly beneficial when you want to suppress your appetite and eat less.

Before you rush out looking for the ingredients and mix them in the right dose? You can get it as an appetite suppressant named Zotrim!

It comes with these ingredients and a couple of others in the right dose for maximum effect.

To learn more about the YGD combination, also check out our article Yerba Mate For Weight Loss. Does It Work?

Drink More Water And Stay Hydrated

Sometimes our brain mixes up the signal of being thirsty with being hungry. We believe we are hungry when we are just thirsty.

To avoid that and stay hydrated, make sure to get plenty of water during the day. Not coffee, not sodas, but pure plain water.

If you find it boring to drink water, you can squeeze some lime to spice up the flavor a little. I recommend you avoid any sweeteners, including stevia.

It would help if you were drinking water to such a degree that your pee is clean white and not yellow.

Doing The HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a more extreme approach to make you eat less, and it is something you should do consulting with a doctor.

The Official HCG Diet Plan makes it possible to consume as little as 500 calories daily without feeling hungry.

You can do that thanks to HCG injections or droplets that you do once a day. You can either do it by yourself or with your doctor.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and is a hormone that can make you use body fat as your primary source of energy.

The result will be, instead of getting your daily calorie needs to be covered from the food you are eating, you will get your energy covered from your body fat.

Doing the HCG right can make you lose a lot of weight fast. But, remember to consult with a doctor first.

Maintain Portion Control By Using Smaller Plates

Often we eat too much food because we are using these gigantic, fancy designer plates to have our meals on. Yes, it looks good, and it probably fits your kitchen very well, but not your stomach.

When you make use of smaller plates, you eat less food, period. But, make sure you don’t start to stack the food on your plate. Make sure the food items stay flat on the plate.

A great way to see this tip actually are working is to visit a restaurant with a buffet. Here you often get a smaller plate for your meals.

The owner knows his profit will be bigger when he serves his customers using smaller plates.

33 Hacks To Use If You Are Not Losing Weight Doing The Keto Diet

Use Colorful Plates, And You Will Eat Less

Using colored plates

Now, when have you decided to use smaller plates? Then also try to use color plates like blue or red!

It seems like the contrasts between the plate’s color and the food you are having can make you eat less.

Also, using red plates may have a stop sign effect that can make you eat less.

Stay In A Happy Mood

Your mood is having an impact on how much you eat.

I know it is difficult, if not impossible, to change your mood. But, at least being aware of it can help you eat less, especially if you have a weight loss goal.

Keep in mind, when you start to see and feel your weight loss results, it will have an uplifting effect. That itself can put you in a good mood.

So if you have a bad mood? Hang in there, and don’t use food to give you a better mood.

How To Eat Less Carbs – Increase Your Vegetable and Fiber Intake

Most people in the United States and Europe are not getting enough fibers in their diet. It is sad because fibers give you an appetite suppressing effect and can make you eat less.

One of the easiest ways to increase your fiber intake is by getting lots of vegetables with all your meals. They will give you a fulfilling effect that will make you feel full and satisfied faster.

If you don’t have the patience to cut them yourselves, then get the frozen ones in the supermarket. They will work just as well.

Stick To Proteins And Vegetables For Dinner

Also, to make you eat fewer calories, try to leave out starches such as rice or potatoes for dinner.

Just stick to fish, meat, or chicken and stack up with vegetables. You don’t need a lot of carbs at this time for energy because you will bed soon.

Keep in mind that vegetables are shallow in calories combined with rice, potatoes, or pasta.

Get Started Using An Appetite Suppressant

If Are you anxious to get started on how to eat less? You can consider getting started using an appetite suppressant like PhenQ.

It is a great way to naturally suppress your appetite so you will feel full and satisfied faster. It also means that you don’t have to put a lot of effort into eating less.

At the same time, PhenQ can help you to curb cravings for carbs, sugars and improve your fat burn. It means you can reach your weight loss goals faster and be done with your diet.

First, check out our review regarding PhenQ to see more about the benefits and how they will help you lose weight.

Second, check out the official PhenQ website to learn more about getting started using this appetite suppressant.

how to eat less using PhenQ

How To Eat Less – The Final Conclusion

I hope I got you motivated using the above tips to get you started eating fewer calories and losing weight.

If it feels overwhelming, then start with one tip at a time and incorporate them weekly into your diet.

Also, keep in mind that working out will give you an additional calorie burn that will make you lose weight even faster.

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