How to Reach 10% Body Fat and Maintain It

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how to get 10% Body Fat10% body fat is the level where your six-pack abs will start to show and where you will stand out with a great muscle definition if you have been working out.

Women and men’s fat levels will look great without looking like bodybuilders are getting ready for a bodybuilding contest.

Shortly said, it is at the 10% level where you will look the greatest, stand happy, and be proud of what you have achieved.

How Do You Get There?

But the question is, how do you get there, the physique of a lifetime?

Many people want it and work hard to achieve their goals.

People often get started working out in a gym to build muscle, lift weights, and do cardio.

Others prefer to stay at home, watching their diet, doing 500 sit-ups daily before bedtime.

Only a Few Reach Their Fat and Body Weight Goals

The truth is that only a few people manage to reach their goals by having only 10 percent fat and a good muscle definition.

Most people give up long before reaching 15 or 20% body fat. The temptations of staying at home having an unhealthy food intake get too much.

It is sad because most people can do this, including you. So don’t give up when things are starting to get tough. Keep pushing yourself, and you will reach your goals.

In this article, I am going to help you out. You will first learn exactly what you need to do to get your body weight under control, lose weight, and then get started on your journey to 10 percent fat.

How Long Does It Take to Get to 10 Percent Body Fat?

How long does it take to get 10% fat?

To get to 10% body ft depends on your current fitness level.

How long it takes to get to a body fat level of 10% depends on how much weight you need to lose. A healthy rate of fat loss is around 1-2 pounds per week, so it may take a few months to achieve your goal.

However, by following a healthy diet and exercise program, you can get rid of fat and reach your 10% faster!

Remember, being patient about reaching your 10% fat loss will make it easier to maintain afterward.

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Is It Hard to Get a 10 Percent Body Fat?

Losing fat is not easy; it can be time-consuming and hard to stay committed.

However, the low body fat diet is achievable for most people if they a willing to put in the work it takes.

Many factors contribute to how long it will take you to get there, such as

  • Your natural body types?
  • Your current fitness levels?
  • The state of your metabolism?
  • How much body fat are you currently carrying?
  • What types of food are you eating?
  • How much are you exercising?

All play a role in the equation and can make it difficult to determine how hard it will be to get to a body fat level of 10%.

If you start by eliminating sugars from your diet and make an effort to work out five or six times a week, you should see progress reasonably quickly!

How Do I Lower My Body Fat Percentage to 10%?

To lose your body fat level percentage takes time, dedication, and motivation. You must be willing to take the extra steps compared to a regular weight loss diet to lose a couple of pounds.

To lower your body fat percentage, you must reduce your calorie intake and increase your activity levels. Creating a calorie deficit is vital to your success.

At the same time, you must train your body to get muscle definition and six-pack abs and get more lean muscles that will contribute to an additional fat burn.

Below, you will learn exactly what you need to do to achieve that kind of fat loss.

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Do Weight Training at Least an Hour a day, five days a week

Weight Training to lower body fat

To lower your body fat level percentage, doing weight training at least an hour per day, five days a week, is one of the best ways to get your body fat to 10% or below.

Weight training not only helps you burn calories and lose weight, but it also helps you build muscle, tone your body and give you that lean look that you’re striving for.

Move as Much Muscle as Possible To get the most out of your workout, make

To get the most out of your training, to get the most out of your activity, make sure that you focus on all your major muscle groups – legs, arms, chest, back, and abdominal mu

Do compound exercises to get the most results. Compound exercises engage multiple muscle groups and allow you to lift heavier weights, which can help you tone your muscles better too!

Some of the best compound exercises for weight training are listed below

  • Squats
  • Leg press
  • Lunges
  • Military press
  • Bench press
  • Pulldowns
  • Deadlifts
  • Dips

Focusing on these exercises instead of isolated exercises like bicep curls or triceps extensions will lower your body fat percentage.

Also, it will allow you to feel better, move better and see the results of all your hard work!

Entire Body vs. Split Routines

If you are new to strength training, you should do full-body workouts. This will help you learn the moves and use the proper form.

You can start splitting yourself as you get better, focusing more on each muscle group.

Doing a Split Routine

With a split routine, you train different muscle groups on other days. That way, you can prepare your muscles harder and at the same time give them plenty of rest.

A split routine is a great way to get some extra muscle gain and muscle mass.

Cross Fitness

Cross Fitness to lower body fat

If you are not into the more traditional muscles training for lean body mass, you can consider doing cross-fitness.

Here you are still training your muscles but involving more cardio during your workouts.

However, if you are new to strength training, you need to be careful initially because when doing cross-fitness, it is easy to get out of form doing your exercise wrong.

It can cause injuries and slow down your body fat loss.

Do Cardio After Your Strength Training

After you’ve worked up a sweat and gotten your heart rate up – do some cardio to burn more daily calories and continue the fat-burning process.

When you want to get low body fat percentages like 10% or below, you should aim to do between 45 minutes to an hour of cardio.

If you want to lose weight, you can stick to 20 to 30 minutes of cardio.

Get the Afterburn

Cardio works as an ‘afterburner’ – meaning that even hours after you’re done with your workout, your metabolism will stay higher than usual as your body continues to work to repair the tissues that you broke down during the training.

This means that as long as you keep doing cardio workouts as part of your routine, you’re going to stay leaner.

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Types of Cardio When Cutting Body Fat

Types of cardio to reach 10% fat

It doesn’t matter what type of cardio you are doing to lose fat as long as you like what you are doing.

Some suitable forms of cardio to get rid of fat are listed below.

  • Incline walks on a treadmill
  • Running on a treadmill
  • Doing cross trainer
  • Using the stair master
  • Spinning

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What Intensity is Good to Lose Body Fat?

When you want to lose body fat, doing more cardio harder is not necessarily the best way to go.

Working at this level, at least 8 hours weekly, doing high-intensity cardio after your strength training may cause muscle loss.

Your glycogen and glucose levels will be depleted, and when you do high-intensity cardio, it will force your body to get its energy from your lean muscle mass.

When doing your cardio at a low to moderate level with, for example, incline walks on a treadmill will sneak the body fat off.

Alternatively, you can also do cardio intervals. These are short boosts of high-intensity periods of cardio that last from 30 seconds to 2 minutes while doing low-intensity cardio.

It will help you burn more body fat than steady-state cardio does because the shorter period will force your body to tap into your fat reserves.

Do Daily Walks

Doing daily walks to lose fat

If you are into regular weight loss and not keen on lowering your body fat percentage, you can stick to your weight training and do cardio afterward.

However, if you want to lower your body fat percentage, you should do some daily walks. It is what a professional bodybuilder is doing getting ready for competition.

You might think that daily walks are not hard enough to get your body weight down, but you couldn’t be further from the truth.

Daily walks will burn your calories and lower your body fat percentage without messing up your muscle growth and weight training goals.

Another advantage of daily walks is that it helps with stress management and boosts your immune system.

How Much Walking?

Aim to walk for at least 30 minutes every day; it is an excellent way to lose body you can count your daily steps if.

You can count your daily steps if you have a smartphone, smartwatch, or a step co.

Aim to do at least 10.000 steps daily, including the steps you are doing for cardio in the gym.

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Increase Your Protein Intake

When trying to get rid of body fat, you must also eat the right amount of protein.

Protein is essential for building muscle, and the more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest. Not only that, but protein can help you feel fuller longer, which will help you stick to your diet plan, lower your calorie intake, and avoid snacking on unhealthy foods.

Getting Enough Proteins to Lose Body Fat

Protein supplement to lower your fat levels

To get the best results, get rid of body fat, consume around 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

There are a few diverse ways to ensure you’re getting enough protein in your diet.

One is to make sure you’re eating plenty of lean protein sources like skinless chicken breast, fish, or tofu. Another is to drink a protein shake or supplement after your workouts.

Finally, make sure you include plenty of high-protein foods like eggs, nuts, and seeds in your diet. It will also help you avoid muscle loss when you are dieting.

Get a protein shake if you cannot get enough protein from your diet.

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Cut Back on Carbs

Complex carbs

Doing a low-carb diet is good for lowering your body fat and getting six-pack abs.

If you are getting plenty of protein, it shouldn’t make you hungrier by cutting down on your carbs.

The carbs you are getting should be complex carbohydrates coming from whole grains, vegetables, brown rice, sweet potatoes, peas, and beans. They are more nutritious than the simple carbs you usually get from processed or refined sugars.

, Below, you will find good carbs that will help eliminate body fat and get you to 10%.

Also, complex carbs contain more vitamins, minerals, and fibers, essential to your health and digestive system.

When you are consuming complex carbs, they will have a complete filling effect, so you eat fewer calories.

Eliminate Sugars from Your Diet

Eliminating sugars from your diet is essential to lose weight and get rid of body fat.

Simple sugars are also called simple carbs and are empty calories because they have no nutritional value.

On top of that, they don’t have any fulfilling effect, which will cause you to eat more to make you feel full and satisfied.

Having food with a lot of sugar will also affect your blood sugar levels and hormones. It will lead to more fat stores and weight gain. Continuous having too much sugar in your diet will develop diabetes type 2.

When you want to cut body fat, you must control your sugar intake.

What About Your Fat Intake?

Fat intake

When it comes to your fat intake, make sure you get healthy fats from vegetables, olive oil, nuts, and fatty fish such as salmon.

To cook your meals, you can, with great benefits, use coconut oil as well as olive oil.

Healthy fats play a significant role in getting rid of stored fat and lowering your fat percentage. They also contain essential nutrients that will benefit your health and vitality.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water is essential for fat loss because it helps flush out toxins and keep your metabolism running high.

Water can also help suppress your appetite, so you’re less likely to overeat.

Finally, drinking plenty of water can help you feel fuller longer, which will help you stick to your diet plan.

All these factors together make drinking plenty of water a vital part of any fat loss program!

Make Sure to Get Plenty of Rest

Getting plenty of rest is an essential part of any weight loss and when it comes to burning fat.

When you’re tired, you’re more likely to indulge in unhealthy foods and snacks, which will sabotage your diet.

On the other hand, when you’re well-rested, you’re more likely to have the energy to stick to your diet plan and reach your weight loss goals.

In addition, getting plenty of sleep can help improve your mood and reduce stress levels, both of which can lead to weight gain.

So, make sure you get plenty of rest if you want to see results in your fat loss program!

Count Your Daily Calories

Counting daily calories

It is good to count the number of daily calories you eat daily.

Doing so will make it easier to maintain a healthy weight and reach a body fat level of 10%.

It will also make your food more nutritious and satisfying for you.

Have Your Meals on Specific Times

Having your meals at specific times is very important when you want to get rid of excess fat.

It will give you more control over the food you eat and how it affects your metabolism. It will also keep your metabolism running high, essential for fat loss.

Keeping Tracks of Things

Measuring body fat percentage is a great way to ensure that you lower your fat levels.

An effortless way of measuring your body fat is to use a fat caliper to measure skinfold thickness on different areas of your body.

It gives you a fat level percentage with a 1-3% error margin.

There are other ways of measuring body fat percentage, such as:

  • Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA)
  • Body Circumference Measurements
  • Hydrostatic Weighing
  • Air Displacement Plethysmography
  • Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)

All come with margin errors and are not 100% accurate.

I prefer using the fat caliper because it is cheap, and you can develop your measurement style, which can make your numbers more accurate.

Journal Every Day

Keeping a food journal

It is recommended to write down everything you eat, your workouts, how your body feels, etc.

That way, it becomes easier to know precisely how eating certain foods affects you when you do so. It is also beneficial because it can help you lose weight better.

Keep Track of Your Meal Timing

It is also good to keep track of the times you’re eating your meals. Doing this will give your metabolism time to recover between eating larger meals and snacks.

Also, it will give you a better knowledge of how to create a calorie deficit that works for your fat loss.

Can You Maintain 10 Percent Body Fat?

When you have reached a body fat level of 10% or less, the natural question is, of course, is it possible to maintain it?

There are many ways to maintain your weight. It’s possible to keep 10 percent body fat, but you will need to make sure that you continue the healthy practices that got you there in the first place.

It would also help you stay committed when reaching your fat loss goals. Otherwise, you will gradually fall back into old eating habits and fat levels.

This means eating well and exercising instead of having a bad diet. You should also try not to consume alcohol or sugar, or any other type of food that may affect the way your body looks.

Is Having 10% of Body Fat Healthy?

Body Fat Levels

Generally speaking, having a lower body fat percentage is healthier than having a higher fat rate.

A lower body fat percentage generally means that you have a lower risk for diseases such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

It is also important to note that having a low body fat percentage does not necessarily mean healthy. You can still be unhealthy if you have low muscle mass or body fat composed of unhealthy fats.

In nature, having less body fat makes you more vulnerable to tough times, hunger and reduces your overall survival.

However, there are no right or wrong answers to the question. It all depends on various factors, including your age, sex, and activity level.

Below you will find what is believed to be healthy body fat levels according to WebMD for women and men.

Women’s Body Fat Levels

  • Athletes – 14-20%
  • Fitness – 21-24%
  • Acceptable – 25-31%
  • Obese – 32% and more

Men’s Body Fat Levels

  • Athletes – 6-13%
  • Fitness – 14-17%
  • Acceptable – 18-25%
  • Obese – 26% and more

What If I’m Not Getting Any Results?

Are you not happy with the weight loss results you are getting?

If you are not getting any results from all the effort you are putting into reaching your diet or losing weight faster; you can do a few things.

Change Your Workout Routine

How hard are you working out? Often people believe their weight training is hard enough to give results.

But the truth is that they spend too much time doing exercises that are not effective enough. Others spend too much time talking to other people or messing around with their phones.

A good rule of thumb is to do between 8 and 12 different exercises with 3 to 4 sets of each within one hour.

Considering the Keto Diet

Sometimes your diet doesn’t give you the results you want. You have too many calories or are dealing with too much hunger.

Here a stricter set of diet rules or a change of diet can be the solution to get started losing some weight and fat.

One type of diet that has been extremely popular these years is the keto diet. So, why not try it out if you want to get your fat level down?

To make this type of diet more effective you can get yourself a keto diet free trial. Learn how it will make you lose body weight faster.

Hire a Fitness Coach or Personal Trainer

Hiring a fitness coach or a personal trainer is another thing you can do.

They can help you optimize your diet and workouts without wasting your time. Often, they also have a couple of tricks on their sleeves that can help you burn fat faster.

For many, just having an appointment with a personal trainer makes them more accountable for sticking to their diet.

Use a Fat Burner Like PhenGold

Bottles of PhenGold for your diet

If you are still not losing weight or want to speed up your fat loss, you can use a fat burner like PhenGold.

Here is a supplement that can help you deal with some of the issues you may encounter during your diet.

Improve Your Fat Burn and Metabolism

Some people are dealing with a slow fat burn and a decreasing metabolism when losing weight.

It causes them to reach a plateau where they no longer burn fat.

PhenGold gives you a couple of ingredients, including DMAE, green tea, and green coffee bean extract. All will help you raise your metabolism and provide a better fat burn.

Raise Your Energy Levels

Another issue many people are dealing with is low energy levels because of their diet and hormonal changes.

When using PhenGold, you will get caffeine and green tea, which are considered among the best energy boosters.

Suppress Your Appetite

Having too much of an appetite and problems maintaining portion control, so taking in extra calories are common issues many are dealing with.

PhenGold comes with appetite suppressing ingredients that can give you a fulfilling effect and get your portions under control.

Check out our full PhenGold review to learn more about how this fat burner can help you speed up your fat burn and make you lose weight faster.

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PhenGold to help you lose weight


For those looking to lose weight and keep it off, 10 percent fat is a level that takes you a couple of steps further compared to losing a couple of pounds after the holidays.

A combination of a healthy diet, regular workout, and daily journaling is required to get there. It will take a lot of work, motivation, and dedication on your part. But it will all be worth it when you achieve your goals.

If you do not see any results from your efforts, try to think out of the box. It can be giving your workout routine a brush-up and changing your diet to the keto diet. Hire a fitness coach or get started using a fat burner like PhenGold.

It is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

Before you get started, you need to know that it will take continuous dedication and work on your part to maintain a 10 percent fat level.

For this reason, you need to stop seeing your fat loss journey as a diet but as a lifestyle.

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