33 Hacks To Use If You Are Not Losing Weight Doing The Keto Diet!

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Not Losing Weight On Your Keto Diet?

Here Are 33 Hacks That Will Get Your Body Back Into Fat-Burning Ketosis!

Are you not losing weight on your keto diet? I know it is not a fun situation to be in at all!

Especially not now where you have made all the changes and are determined to lose weight doing it the ketonic diet way.

Not losing weight doing the keto diet?

The good news is that most of the cases where you are not losing weight doing the keto diet there is a solution, tweaks, and hacks you can do to get your diet back on track.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most troubling reasons. You are going to learn why you are not losing weight doing the keto diet, and how to solve these issues.

You Must Be In Ketosis, Fat Burning Mode To Lose Weight

Many dieters never experience what we can call true ketosis, the state where your body keeps burning ketones coming from fat.

Instead, they are in an either-or, state where you are moving in and out of ketosis, making your diet inefficient.

Keep in mind, the more you are in ketosis, the more and faster are you going to lose weight.

To stay in ketosis, you must be strict with your diet and make sure that your food intake is a maximum of 5% carbohydrates. If that is still not working, you must go even lower.

Alternatively, you can use exogenous ketones to help you stay in ketosis. Supplements like Keto Advanced weight loss can deliver up to 78% of the ketones your body requires to stay and reach ketosis.

It will make it a whole lot easier to enjoy the benefits of the keto diet.

You Are Too Focused On Staying On Keto And Not The Results Your Are Getting

For many keto dieters, it becomes more critical of having the fresh breath of acetone that proves that you are in ketosis, than actually seeing the results on the scale. It becomes a game, a sport making sure that you are in ketosis as much as possible.

Remember, our bodies are different from each other, and what works on someone else might not work on you. Therefore it is essential to be more focused on the results you see than whether you are in ketosis or not.

So, if you need some extra proteins or carbs for that matter to lose weight, get them, and don’t hold back.

You Are Eating Too Many Calories – A Calorie Is Still A Calorie

You are having too many calories

It is a common belief among many keto dieters that you don’t have to count calories when doing the keto diet.

Many dieters believe that because the fat in your meals is denser, you will feel full and satisfied before you have too many calories.

A calorie is still a calorie, and too many of them will cause a calorie surplus keto diet or not. It will make it difficult to lose weight, and in the worse case, you may experience a weight gain.

You Are Not Having Enough Calories

Remember, if you try to starve yourself for weight loss, your brain will go against it and slow down your metabolism. It means you will not lose any weight no matter how little you each.

And, if you continue starving yourself, you may end up with a weight gain. And then, when you fall in starting to eat again, your body is primed for a significant weight gain.

It is what often happens to people that have been yo-yo dieting to lose weight.

Unfortunately, the principle goes for the keto diet. You must make sure you are getting the calories your body, and daily functions require and only go around 500 to 800 calories below that requirement.

You Are Not Eating Healthy

Your primary objective going on a diet should always be to eat as healthy as possible. That also goes for the keto diet as well.

Having bacon six days a week, because you are on a high-fat diet, is not healthy. Also, make sure to avoid processed food because it comes with saturated fat.

When it comes to keto snacks and desserts, make sure to limit your intake of them as well. Having them every day is not healthy; it will just be a replacement for all the sugars you used to have.

Having bacon or snack once or twice a week is OK. But the rest of the time you must focus on getting healthy foods such as meat and poultry, fish, cheese, greek yogurt, olive, and coconut oil. Make sure to mix it up with low-carb vegetables such as avocado, broccoli and have some berries and nuts as well.

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You Are Getting Too Many Carbs

One thing is for sure. If you have too many carbs on your keto diet, you are not going to lose any weight. Remember, your carb intake must be close to 5% of your nutrient intake. Else, it can be difficult to get your body into ketosis.

Keep in mind that your carb intake on a regular diet is between 50 and 65%. It is a huge difference and can be hard to achieve if you are new to the keto.

As a starting point, you must eliminate all bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta from your diet. Those are the heavy hitters speaking of calories.

Next, step is to eliminate all sugars, like the one you put in your coffee, soft drinks, and all the hidden ones the consist of foods such as ketchup.

Also, be careful with “sugar-free” products containing sorbitol, xylitol, isomalt, and mannitol. They are often plant-based coming from berries and fruits, and do contain fewer calories. However, the chemical process is the same as the one in real sugar, so they do give you an unwanted effect on your body.

When Your Carbs Are Gone

When you have eliminated the carbs in your diet, it is time to replace them with keto-friendly carbs such as berries and veggies such as avocado, cucumber, chia seeds, and asparagus.

You can also add up with vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower, and carrots. But be careful since they contain more carbs than the first ones.

As a general rule of thumb, your daily intake of carbs shouldn’t be more than 20 to 50 grams per day.

Getting your carb intake right is one of the most important steps starting the keto diet.[*]

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You Are Overeating Protein

You are having too much protein

Keep in mind; the keto diet is not the same as the Atkins or any high-protein diets. If you have too much protein, it can prevent you from reaching ketosis, the state you want to be in to burn fat. The reason for this is because a small amount of protein converts into glucose, making it difficult to reach ketosis.[*]

As a general rule, your protein consumption should be somewhere between 10 and 25% of your calories. However, you must aim to get as close to 10% as possible. 25% are more geared towards athletes and people who like going to the gym, building lean muscles.

So remember, the keto diet is not about having a lot of steaks daily. It is a question about getting healthy sources of fat, such as fish, nuts, avocado, and oils.

If that is not working for you, then consider a high-protein diet instead.[*]

You Are Overeating Fat

Just because you are no longer eating carbs doesn’t mean that you can eat all the fat you want. Remember, one gram of fat contains nine calories and proteins as well as carbs, only four calories. However, fat is denser, so you will under normal circumstances, feel full and satisfied faster.

However, there is still a risk of getting too many calories, so make sure to keep your calorie intake under control. Also, make sure that most of your calories are coming from healthy sources of fatty foods.

Having Bacon Seven Days A Week?

Often when you read about the keto diet and are surfing around on sites like Instagram for inspiration, you will find tons of Bacon pictures representing the keto diet. But, keep in mind that bacon comes with a lot of saturated fat and bad cholesterol.

Therefore make sure to limit your intake of bacon to a few slices once a week. Also, make sure to limit your intake of cheese, butter, and cream. Instead, you should get most of your fat from sources such as avocado, olive oil, nuts, chia seeds, flaxseed, and salmon.

I know, these sources of food sound rather dull, if you were expecting to live on bacon seven days a week.[*]

You Have Too Many Snacks

You are having too many snacks

Having a snack once or twice a day is a great way to avoid hunger and overeating. It is a great way to limit your food intake during your main meals.

However, snacks do contain calories, some of them so many calories that you may end up with a surplus of calories.

You must be careful if you prefer to buy your snacks, some of them are more like candy than a nutritious snack that comes with lots of sugars, even if they are keto.

If you want to snack, you are much better off choosing fiber-rich vegetables and proteins. They often fill you up without adding the extra calories.

Good choices for snacks can be nuts, carrots, celery, or some lean protein such as eggs, chicken fillet, or similar.

To spice it up, you can make your dip, like a tomato sauce or guacamole, which is perfect for keto.

To Much Fake Sugar

Fake sugar is often a great option if you have a sweet tooth, but don’t want the calories. It is also an excellent way for keto diets to stay on their diet without getting tempted.

However, the problem with fake sugar is that we believe it is healthier, which is often not the case. We tend to eat more of these foods because there is no sugar. But a calorie is still a calorie, so we just end up getting too many calories from the fat and protein in the given food.

Also, if you use artificial sweeteners, you may get rid of the calories here and now, but the temptation for real sugars will increase.

The conclusion is, it is much better to get rid of fake sugar, once and for all.

You Are Getting Too Many Dairy Products

Dairy products are somewhat tricky. They can either contain high amounts of fats, proteins, or sugars. They have can also have too much of it all at the same time.

Many kinds of milk and yogurts come with a way too much sugars and must be avoided. If you want yogurt, you must stick to the plain one with no sugars.

Cheeses are better since choices since they come with high amounts of fat and proteins and fewer carbs. But no matter what, limit your dairy intake.

You Are Not Having Enough Fibers

You are not getting enough fibers

Getting enough fibers is a tricky one! According to WebMD, the average American consumes around 15 grams of fibers per day, which is not enough. The recommended dosage is between 25 and 30 grams coming from food and not supplements.

Because you are removing many fiber-rich carbohydrates from your diet, it can be rather challenging to get 25 to 30 grams fibers daily.

However, being on the keto diet, you must take your fiber intake into consideration. Not getting enough fibers in your diet can lead to overeating. On top of that, you will be messing around with your gut bacteria. If they are out of wack, that can lead to a weight gain.

Also, keep in mind that fibers will raise your energy levels and maintain healthy glucose levels.

How To Get More Fibers With Your Keto Diet

For sure, having bacon five days a week is not going to give you more fibers. So instead you have to get some low-carb foods. Sources with lots of fibers, like the ones I have listed below.

  • Chia Seeds – 10 grams of fibers per ounce and 0 carbs
  • Blackberries – 8 grams of fibers per cup  and 6 grams of carbs per cup
  • Raspberries – 8 grams of fibers per cup and 7 grams of carbs per cup
  • Flaxseed – 6 grams of fibers per two tablespoons and 0 grams of carbs
  • Coconut unsweeten – 5 grams of fibers per ounce 2 grams of carbs per ounce
  • Pistachios – 3 grams of fibers per ounce and 5 grams of carbs per ounce
  • Cauliflower – 2 grams of fibers per cup and 3 grams of carbs per cup
  • Reb cabbage – 2 grams of fibers per cup and 3 grams of carbs per cup

(Source: https://www.wellandgood.com/good-food/holiday-grocery-list/)

The above are excellent sources of fibers with fewer carbohydrates. Getting some Chia Seeds, Blackberries, Flaxseed, and unsweetened coconut oil daily, and you will be well on your way to reaching the requirements of 30 grams of fibers daily.

Also, when using Coconut, you will get MCT oils, which are excellent when you want your body to reach ketosis.[*][*]

You Are Not Getting Enough Vitamin B

If you are not losing weight and feel tired all the time doing the keto diet, you may not get enough B Vitamins.

You usually get them from whole grains, but since they are a no-no, doing the keto diet, some dieters may have issues getting enough Vitamin B.

Make sure to get meat and eggs a couple of times during the week. Also, sources like spinach and broccoli will do you good speaking of vitamin B.

Not Getting Enough Water

Keto diet or not, water is extremely vital to your body and your health. If you are not getting enough water, it will slow down your weight loss no matter what type of diet you are on. Also, water carries appetite suppressing capabilities, so a big glass of water a couple of times during the day will help to suppress those cravings of yours.

According to WebMD[*], men must aim to drink 13 cups of water daily and women 9 cups. That is around three liters of water for the men and two liters for the women. Keep in mind; the more active you are, the more water you will need.[*]

You Think You Are In Ketosis But You Are Not

Ketosis is the essence of the keto diet

In ketosis is where the magic happens. It is where your body will start burning ketones coming from fat instead of glucose coming from carbohydrates. The keto diet delivers a very effective way of losing weight, but it does come with a strict protocol you must follow. You failed to do so; you will not reach ketosis.

Many dieters never manage to reach what we call for true ketosis. Instead, they end up cycling in and out of ketosis, making their diet ineffective.

If you have been keto dieting for a few weeks, and don’t see any results? You might not be in ketosis after all!

To solve it, you must go through your diet and eliminate as many carbs as possible. Also, make sure you are not getting too many calories.

Finally, you can use an exogenous ketone supplement like Pure Fit Keto. It will make it easier for your body to reach ketosis because it delivers some of the ketones you need to get there.

You Have Cheat Meals

Cheat meals must be avoided at all times when you are doing the keto diet. Too many carbs and you will be pushed out of ketosis, meaning you have to start over.

Unfortunately, as a keto dieter, you don’t have the privilege to have your weekly Sunday cheat meal with your family, for then to move on Monday.

The risks are too high, having cheat meals on the keto diet.

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You Are Going On Too Many Restaurants

Restaurants are nice and very convenient. You don’t have to cook and often you are in a nice company.

But, you have no clue what you are eating, even if the restaurant claim that the meal you are having is keto.

Too many restaurant visits while trying to lose weight, will give you no control of your diet.

So, you must get started preparing your meal.

If you are clueless and don’t know how to prepare keto meals, you can sign up for a free keto cookbook.

Custom Keto Diet

You Are Doing The Yo-Yo Diet

Five days on the Keto Diet and then six days off doing nothing is not the way to move forward. Using this approach, your body will never have the chance of reaching ketosis, the state where you will be burning ketones coming from fat.

If the keto diet is to difficult for you to administrate and get started doing? You can instead gradually decrease your carb intake until you reach between 20 and 50 grams daily!

That way, you have a chance to get used to the diet without the yo-yo effect, moving in and out of ketosis.

You Don’t Know About Your Hidden Carbs

Hidden Carbs

Hidden carbs can be tricky when doing the keto diet because they exist in all sorts of food and can be challenging to get rid of.

Hidden carbs not only exists in the condiments and the starchy vegetables you are having. They also live in nuts such as peanuts, pistachios, and cashews. Believe it or not, you may also find them in processed meat such as sausages, bacon, and dairy products.

And if you think your “healthy” morning snack or green juice is right for you? Then you better check the ingredient because many so-called healthy snacks are packed with carbs.

Even in your meat and sources of seafood, you can find hidden carbs. When it comes to meat, you must avoid processed food and stick to grass-fed and organic beef, if possible. With seafood, it is a good idea to prevent mussels, clams, oysters, and scallops.[*]

An excellent way to prevent many of these hidden carbs is to eat as clean as possible. Limit the condiments, stick to healthy sources of food, and avoid processed food. Now it is a good time to check the ingredient lists of the food you are buying, it might save you a couple of hundred calories daily.

You Are Not Eating Enough Calories

Starvation diets are not the way forward when it comes to losing weight. That goes for the keto diet as well.

Remember, the more you try to starve yourself to a weight loss, the more your metabolism will slow down and stop burning calories.

When you then have given up on your starvation diet attempt, you will start to gain weight because you begin to eat more on a slow metabolism.

When doing starvation diets, you will end up in a battle against you and your brain. As long as there is food around and you have easy access to it? Your mind will win every time. Don’t take that fight!

You Have Alcohol

You are having alcohol

Friday night, and it is time for margaritas? Well, not if you are on the keto diet! Margaritas and other drinks are calorie bombs due to the high content of sugars and alcohol.

Sticking to beers or wine is not any better. The alcohol will play with your metabolism in such a way that it can promote a weight gain and build-up of body fat.

When we are talking about alcohol, it is important to stress out that it doesn’t add any nutritional value to your diet. You are better off keeping your consumption to a minimum until you have finished your food.

You Are Not Working Out

No matter what type of diet you are doing or what kind of life you have, a workout routine is always highly recommended.

Just because you are doing the keto diet doesn’t mean that you don’t have to go to the gym. In fact, there are extra weight loss benefits to get if you go.

Burning the extra calories during and after your workout will increase your fat loss and improve the strength of your heart. It is also a great way to avoid chronic conditions such as diabetes, anxiety, and obesity.

Keep in mind; muscle building is one of the best ways to increase your metabolism. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will be burning. [*][*]

I know that it can be hard in the beginning, but try to set up a workout schedule and keep doing it until it has become a routine.

Soon you will reach a point where you actually might like going to the gym.

If you don’t have any motivation to go to the gym I recommend you to check out this article:

• 5 Tips To Get You Back Into The Gym Working Out!

You Are Exercising Too Much Doing Chronic Cardio

In the beginning, we can barely do 20-minutes on a treadmill. After a few months, we feel that we are not getting anything out of our cardio if it is less than an hour!

Of course, this is nonsense. It is so easy to fall into the belief that doing more is better speaking of exercising and doing cardio. But the more cardio you are doing, the more hungry you will get.

Also, your reward system will go into effect, because you believe that you deserve something, for the hours of cardio you just did. And your brain? It the calories back that you just burned off.

Other Side Effects Of Chronic Cardio

Not only will too much cardio make you eat more. You may also end up with inflammations, oxidative stress, and in the state of overtraining.

Often, the more you train, the more you will gain later on when you have finished your diet. You must find your balance.

You Are Stressed Out

You are stressed out

When you are stressed out, your body will release the stress hormone cortisol that will put your body in alert mode. For sure, nothing will happen if you are only stressed out a few times while you are on a diet.

But if you are stressed out all the time, due to work or private life problems, it becomes chronically. It means that your body is in alert mode, making it impossible to burn fat. Instead, you will retain water, and a build-up of body fat will begin.

Also, keep in mind that too much cortisol can lead to insulin resistance that can trigger conditions such as type 2 diabetes.[*]

I know it can be difficult, but try to do your best, eliminating as much stress as possible. If you know that you are going to be busy at work for the next couple of weeks and it will stress you? Then it is better to postpone your keto diet unless you find a way to cope with the stress.

Leptin Resistance

Leptin is a hormone made by your fat cells that tells your brain when your body feels full and beautiful after a meal. It helps to make sure you stop eating when you have gotten the calories you need (unless your leptin balance is off).

Not only regulates leptin the number of calories you eat, but it also has control of how many calories you burn and what your fat storage level is.

When your brain doesn’t receive the signals despite have plenty of leptin in your body, it has become resistant to this hormone. It means there is no more extended control of the calories you are eating and burning.

If you are resistant to leptin, you will have to resolve the following issues to get over it.[*][*][*]

  • Bad sleeping pattern
  • To Much processed food, also of what you believe is keto food
  • Overeating
  • Stress

Do something about your sleep, like going earlier to bed, avoid working at night time. Next, get rid of processed food and start a healthy eating pattern. Soon, your brain will begin to receive signals from leptin again.[*][*]

You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

Sleeping less doesn’t mean you are going to burn more calories because you are awake for a more extended period.

If you are not getting enough sleep, your metabolism will slow down, so you will be burning fewer calories. On top of that, if your body doesn’t have enough time to renew itself during your sleep. It means your organs will not function optimally, which can cause severe issues besides not losing weight.

When it comes to your hormones, the levels of the “get hungry’ hormone ghrelin will go up, making you want to eat more food. At the same time, levels of the “make you feel full” hormone leptin will go down, making you want even more food.[*][*][*]

You can only obtain the best possible weight loss if you are getting enough undisturbed sleep.

You Have A Medical Condition

Food allergies, intolerance, and medicine are all factors that may prevent you from losing weight doing the keto diet.

When it comes to allergies and intolerances, you may be able to figure out yourself which foods you must avoid. If not, a health care practitioner can help you out.

More serious medical issues that may prevent you from losing weight can be issues such as a thyroid function that is not working. Here you must have a talk with your doctor that can guide you in what to do.[*]

You Don’t Have A Plan For Your Keto Diet

Have a keto diet weight loss plan

The keto diet is not a natural diet to do. There are a lot of rules that you must follow to make it become a success. Also, there are a lot of pitfalls, like the keto flu, you must be aware of and know how to handle.

It means jumping right into the keto diet with a day notice is probably not the best idea. Doing so, I believe you will end up yo-yo dieting making your keto diet not effective.

Also, when you are first starting, you have no clue how you will respond to the changes. Are you a jump right into it keto dieter, or is it better for you to gradually eliminate your carbohydrates? Think about it and other things that can become issues while you are on your keto diet!

To get the best results, it is a good idea to do some planning. Set a day where you want to start your diet, make sure you have your food items ready and a cookbook, so you know how to prepare your meals.

Also, check out our article:

• How To Create A Weight Loss Plan That Will Make Your Diet A Success!

You Are Doing Your Keto Diet For Too Long

Unless you plan to make the keto diet become a new lifestyle of yours, I believe it is a good idea to create a timeframe for your diet.

Set up a goal, like losing 20 lbs in 12 weeks. Have your goal in mind with an end date. Make sure to set up some milestones on your like being able to go to the gym four times during the week for an hour, or be able to fit your favorite dress in 5 weeks.

Setting an end date on your diet will keep you motivated, and you are willing to work harder.

If you didn’t manage to reach your goal, you can take it easy for ten days and then set up a new cycle.

You Have Unrealistic Expectations

Expecting to lose 20 lbs in a month is not a realistic goal. You can do it, but most of the weight loss will be water, fluids, and pure lean muscles, and not body fat. On top of that, you will gain all the weight back again within a few months.

To become successful with your keto diet, you must keep some realistic expectations of your goals and the results you are getting.

What usually happens when you are losing weight doing the keto diet is that you will see a dramatic weight loss the first ten days of your food. It can be as much as 6 to 10 lbs.

After this spike, your weekly results will drop to between one and two pounds weekly, sometimes even less. It is what we consider to be a healthy weight loss that will be easy to maintain afterward.

Keep in mind; if you are losing 20 lbs monthly, you will end up with excess stomach skin, you then need to get rid of.

The Keto Diet Is Just Too Hard For Me To handle

No worry, don’t be too hard on yourself. A lot of people never manage to reach true ketosis. They end up cycling in and out of keto, not getting anywhere with their diet.

When it comes to losing weight, there are no right or wrong diets. The keto diet is not more right or more effective than a high-protein diet, or a regular healthy diet.

The most important is that you find a diet that suits you the best. A diet that you can manage to do.

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Quick Fix Solutions To Get You In Fat-Burning Ketosis

When you are not losing weight doing the keto diet, there are two quick-fix solutions you can try out. These will solve many of the issues you are dealing with trying

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting with the keto diet

Instead of having your regular three meals per day and two snacks, you can try to do intermittent fasting.

It is the right type of fasting to do when you are doing the keto diet because you will drain your body from glucose and force a calorie reduction.

At the same time, intermittent fasting will lower your insulin levels and increase your growth hormone levels. It will lead to an increase in fat-burning hormones such as norepinephrine.

Studies also suggest that the changes in hormones and intermittent fasting can increase your metabolism by up to 14%. [*][*]

The Easiest Way To Do Intermittent Fasting – The 16/8 Method

The easiest way to get started doing intermittent fasting if you are not losing weight on your keto diet is to follow the 16/8 method.

Here you are skipping meals 16 hours a day and are having 2 or 3 meals in a time window of eight hours.

It is relatively easy to do because you can take advantage of 7 to 8 hours of sleep. It means you only have to deal with being hungry in the morning and before bedtime.

Other Intermittent Fasting Methods

If you want to go more advanced or try a different protocol, you can check out the ones below.

  • 5-2 Diet: You are fasting two days per week.
  • Eat-Stop-Eat: You are fasting once or twice per week.
  • Alternate Day Fasting: You stay away from food every other day.
  • The Warrior Diet: You have one big meal in the evening
  • Spontaneous Meal Skipping: Skip meals when it suits you

(source: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/6-ways-to-do-intermittent-fasting)

Get Started Using Exogenous Ketones

Using Exogenous Ketones is a great way to get your body into ketosis and making sure it stays there throughout your whole diet. Remember, it is when you are in ketosis you are going to burn fat, not if you are outside this stage, cycling in and out.

Some health care professionals will say that exogenous ketones can be powerful enough to make you burn fat without doing the keto diet. However, I don’t want to make you disappointed. So, I highly recommend you to follow the keto diet while using exogenous ketones.

The fact about exogenous ketones is that they can deliver up to 78% of the ketones you need to get into ketosis. It means you will start to burn fat faster and reach your weight loss goals.

Benefits Of Using Exogenous Ketones

Let’s have a quick look at some of the benefits you will get from using exogenous ketones together with your keto diet.

  • Get you into ketosis ASAP and burn fat
  • Make it easier to stay in ketosis
  • Help you to get rid of fat on problem areas
  • Raise your energy levels
  • Help to avoid the keto flu
  • Improve your workouts
  • Reduce your recovery times
  • Improve memory and cognitive function
  • Help to prevent age-related diseases

Learn More About Exogenous Ketones

Exogenous ketones can be a great way to finally get started losing some weight and feel the benefits of the keto diet. No longer will you have to put a lot of work into just being able to stay in keto.

But, choosing the right exogenous ketone supplement can be a difficult task because it is not all supplement that comes with premium ingredients.

Here at Fat Burner Journal, we recommend you to check out our Keto Advanced review. It is a top-notch exogenous ketone supplement that will give you all premium ingredients making it possible to reach ketosis.

Get Your $1 Trial Of The Custom Keto Diet

Why struggle when you can get all the help you need?

The Custom Keto Diet is everything you need to get started losing weight. It is an eight-week program where you will receive a custom made keto diet program made by certified nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs.

What You Will Get From The Custom Keto Diet:

  • An eight-week meal plan with the food that you like
  • A nutrition plan with meals tailored to your needs and goal whether you want to lose weight, build muscles, or just stay healthy
  • Meals that you are going to like because they are based on what you like already
  • Detailed recipes and step-by-step guides that will make your meal preparation fun and super simple
  • A full downloadable shopping list with everything you need for the coming 7 days
  •  Options on how you can customize your diet even more to suit your taste buds
  • Making your keto diet a joyful ride

To learn more about the Custom Keto Diet and how you can claim your $1 trial, just put your name and email below. I will send you the invitation and the special link you will have to use. Remember you can cancel anytime you want to.

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