How to Solve 13 Of The Most Common Weight Loss Barriers

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How to Solve 13 of the most common weight loss barriers

It all sounds so easy when you are sitting there at your kitchen table planning your diet. Buy healthy food, eat healthily, find a gym to workout, and boom weight loss diet is done!

However, to become successful with your diet, you must be aware of the many weight loss barriers you might bump into on your weight loss journey. Obstacles that can sabotage your diet if you are not aware of them.

Knowing about them and how to solve them will make your weight loss journey much more accessible and a pleasant one.

Here are 13 of the most common weight loss barriers and how you can solve them.

I Hate to Cook

I hear you, so do I! Honestly, I am not so happy about it either spending hours in the kitchen, especially doing the dishes afterward, yak. However, it is not an excuse for not eating healthy and promotes weight loss.

You have two solutions; you can either prepare your meal in advance, like on Sundays and then to put it all in the freezer. Another answer is when you cook, in the evening, is just to save some of it for the next day. That way you only have to spend time in the kitchen once or twice.

The other option is to go clean eating meaning you just cook the basics, like a chicken fillet, rice, and veggies. Leave out all sauces, bread, dressings, and all the other stuff that takes up calories.

I don’t like to exercise

I understand you, but whoever said you have to join a gym to exercise? Doing Less can be enough to promote a weight loss as well! Sometimes even better, because it doesn’t become an obsession.

Do some walking, or get together with some friends for a power walk or hiking. It is very giving and also gives you the opportunity to clear your mind.

Gyms can be very intimidating, and for an outsider and for someone who is just starting out. It can almost feel like walking straight into a fitness magazine. People are in such a great shape, so you feel less worthy and not in your comfort zone.

But honestly, to think like that is crap! If anyone deserves to go to the gym and start to like it getting your dream body, is it you.

I don’t have the time to exercise

It is nonsense and just a lousy excuse for not stepping out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to spend 5 hours per week to exercise; lesser can be just as effective.

In fact, there are training systems out there like the Super Slow where you were training your muscles once or twice per week in as little as 20 minutes each time. If you want to focus more on cardio than muscle building you can do High-Intensity Training (HIT), once or twice per week.

Both these systems are a tough workout, but you will get it done in 20 minutes. If, you still don’t have time for that, may I suggest these 5-minute workouts that you can do in your home? However, doing these I suggest that you do them at least every other day.

I am sorry to say, not having time to exercise is a lame excuse, and you can always find a level that suits your needs.

My Life Suddenly Became All About Exercising

Don’t become obsessed with exercising; it is only one tool out of many you can use to lose weight. More time in the gym does not mean a faster weight loss.

If you are starting to accumulate spending more time in the gym or whatever you do, it is time to stop up and reset your gym time.

First, create a schedule and routine for 3 to 4 gym sessions per week for max one hour, no more than that. Bring an alarm clock if you cannot stop exercising.

Remember, you don’t want to end up over-training which can lead to injuries.

I am Not Losing Any Weight

How to Solve 13 of the most common weight loss barriers

“I am doing everything I can to lose weight, but still I do not see any results. In fact, my weight went up a little last Friday.”

I totally understand your frustration, you finally got started on your diet, and did expect to see some results.

There can be a couple of reasons why you are not losing weight, let’s have a quick look at them.

Hidden Calories

You are eating alright the number of calories recommended. But you forgot the hidden ones, like the sugar you put in your coffee, the dressing you are using, or the butter you use to cook your chicken fillet?

There are numerous food items we tend to overlook that all add the extra calories.

Solution: Try to go through your diet one by once and write everything down you are eating. Next, try to eliminate the easiest food items to get rid off, like the Thousand Island dressing you put on your salad.

You Exercise

Starting exercising can make you gain some weight at the beginning of your diet. Not because you are accumulating body fat, but because you are building muscles. Even cardio can make you gain weight; here it is because of fluids and glycogen that get stored in your muscles.

Honestly, you shouldn’t worry too much about this weight gain; it will pass. One time I went on a diet, I managed to gain 5 pounds because of lifting weights before my weight started to drop, after two months. And when it dropped, my weight loss went fast. So patience, you are doing the right thing.

Check out these two articles below; they will give you more tips on how you finally can get started losing weight.

I Don’t Like to Change My Life and Become a Health Fanatic

Honestly, you don’t have to change your life and become a fanatic. It is actually better you don’t. Some people become too obsessed with dieting that it just becomes a new addition instead of the previous food addiction. Developing an unhealthy relationship with food is not the way to go.

The best type of diet you can do is the one where you don’t turn your life upside down just because you want to lose 10 lbs. Instead of wanting to lose 10 pounds in a month, be true to yourself and focus on making healthy changes to your life and diet.

Don’t think about dieting all the time, instead of living your life, and when barriers appear, ask yourself how you can solve them the healthiest way.

I am Hungry All The Time

There are two types of hunger, the one where you think you are hungry, and the one where you actually are hungry. It can be difficult to separate those two, but try to work on it. It will give you a lot of benefits when you have finished your diet.

When you think you are hungry, it is often an emotion that triggers this belief. Like for example stress, sadness or light depressions. So make your stay as positive as possible and keep yourself occupied. If there is something more profoundly rooted in you, it is recommended to talk to a professional.

The other hunger, where you actually are hungry can be a couple of things. First, your calorie intake is way too low. Try to increase it a little. You can also try to increase your intake of fibers from example vegetables because they will fill up your stomach and make you feel full and satisfied.

Finally, you can go for a supplement like PhenQ that comes with Nopal, an excellent appetite suppressing ingredient that will make you feel full and satisfied.

Always, never be in a situation where you go hungry to bed.

I Cannot Sleep At Night Because I am Constantly Thinking of Food

Cannpt sleep because of being hungry

As I just said! Never go hungry to bed. It will not do you any good sleeping on an empty stomach. In fact, you will likely eat more the following day as I mentioned in the article Dinner After 6 Good or Bad When I Want to Lose Weight?

It is not going to hurt you having a before bedtime snack; often it will make you sleep better.

If you are afraid of calories, you can stick to snacks that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Like crackers with cottage cheese, a little salad with some chicken, or just a protein shake. Personally, I wouldn’t mind have a whole grain bread and some chicken. You can also get yourself a soup they are actually great for weight loss.

You can also consider a weight loss supplement like Phen24 that will provide you with relaxing ingredients for a good nights sleep.

Waking Up During The Night Being Hungry

A sleepless night is not going to benefit your weight loss diet. So it is much better you have something to eat, than trying to fall asleep for hours with no luck. Again a protein shake can do wonders here.

You Hate The Taste of Healthy Food

So I did it! Just the thought of salads and vegetables and I was ready to go the nearest burger joint.

But you know what? It is all about habits, preparations and to try new things out! It is also a matter of switching from emotional eating to functional eating, consuming what your body needs and not what makes you happy.

So be patient and try new things out and you will gradually get used to it and find healthy foods you like. With my example, some of my favorite foods today is spinach and red cabbage. It is not so much about the taste but because I know how powerful they are regarding nutrients.

You Willpower Disappear When There Are Temptations

Someone from work brings a birthday cake, and you are all over it. Actually, you kindly ask for a second piece of cake, when everyone else got theirs!

Relax, don’t be too hard on yourself. It is ok, we are only humans and must enjoy some temptations in life. More important is that you know about your weaknesses than trying to suppress them.

Now that you got two pieces of birthday cake, you just eat a little less the next couple of meals and avoid temptations the following day.

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I Have Lost My Motivation

Losing motivation is something that happens to many of us when we try losing weight. One of the reasons why is because we set a goal, like losing 30 pounds somewhere out in the future.

From the point where we start our weight loss journey until we reach our goals is a long way. It sounds so easy when we plan our diet, but it is a road where we pretty much are left to ourselves. So it is entirely understandable if you lose your motivation on your way.

To avoid losing your motivation, it is essential your set up more than one goal. Set up some milestones on your way, so you always have a smaller goal to achieve right ahead of you.

One milestone can, for example, be a weekly weight loss of two pounds, the first four weeks of your diet, and 1.5 pounds the next four weeks. You can also have a milestone like dropping one size in a month or increase your activity levels 5 minutes per day.

By having these milestones, you make it so much easier for yourself to stay on target and maintain your motivation.

I Have Just Failed My Diet – Again

Recovering from a failed diet can be very hard, and the last thing you want to experience is a failure from weight loss barriers.

Well, first of all, there is no failure only experiences you can learn from and make it better next time. So if you don’t succeed the first time you start your diet, you do it again and again, until you succeed.

It is a matter of getting up, standing, vibe the dust off your coat, analyze the situation and do it again.

Many people that fail their diet, just give up without analyzing what went wrong. A year later they are ready to do it again. But they make the same mistakes because they did not learn from the experience, don’t be that person.

You Feel Too Embarrassed About Yourself Making It Hard to Get Started

Never compare yourself to others, you are unique, and so is your situation and weight loss barriers. Instead look for inspiration online from example YouTubers and PodCasters. Let them help you to pave the road to your weight loss journey success.

I am not going to recommend any specific because each journey is individual. Just google “YouTubers who lost weight” or “PodCasters who lost weight.”

Finally On How to Solve Weight Loss Barriers

The above 13 weight loss barriers are among the most common ones that you will bump into when you are on your diet. There are many more barriers you might bump into on your way. Most important is that you recognize and analyze them.

Doing so will make it easier for you to find a potential solution to avoid weight loss barriers.

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