5 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight and What To Do About It

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5 reasons why you are not losing weight

You have all the best intentions in the world!

You have planned your weight diet to the tiniest detail, but still, you are not losing weight! There can be many reasons for this; some are so simple that they are easy to fix.

In this article, we will look at ten reasons you are not losing weight and how to solve them.

You are Sitting Down to Much

How many hours are you sitting down per day, 2, 4, 6, or even 10 hours? I know it can be difficult not to sit down because most work today is done sitting down.

However, if you can stand up for work, you have to try to do it as much as possible during the day. It will burn more calories.

Let’s say you weigh 140 pounds. If you stand up for 8 hours instead of sitting down, you will burn 1120 calories instead of 840; it is a calorie increase of 280 calories. On a five-day workweek, it is additional 1400 kcal/ you will be burning.

If it’s hard to stand up instead of sitting down at work, then look for alternatives in your spare time where you can stand up instead of sitting down.

Do you own math on how many calories you can burn standing up at http://www.juststand.org/?

You Think Healthy Diets Too Much

Many people being on a diet believe that eating as healthy as possible will lead to greater weight loss.

Let’s say your main diet consists of salads, combined with a little chicken, meat, or fish in order not to go above a calorie intake of 1800 kcal/

In theory, it will promote weight loss because you are eating fewer calories than your body needs. But these types of healthy, low-calorie diets will also release more Ghrelin into your body. It is a hunger hormone that gives you that empty feeling in your stomach. It is your brain’s best weapon to force you to eat again when you are dieting.

The only way you can satisfy your mind and avoid over-eating is to give it something, so it believes you are full and satisfied. Add a little treat; you like to your meals, like cheese, bacon toppings, or something else.

Experimenting with this, you will soon learn that often just a bite of your favorite foods will be enough to satisfy your cravings.

You Are Exercising

We all know that the best weight loss diet you can do is dieting and exercising and creating some healthy lifestyle changes. But there is a catch here. Exercising makes you hungry and triggers your brain to release hunger hormones.

Exercising makes you hungry and triggers your brain to release hunger hormones. These are telling you that you did the right thing, and you now deserve a treat in the form of extra calories.

Why do you think protein bars and energy drinks are so popular in gyms?

Please stay away from those; they contain a high number of sugars and calories!

However, getting some proteins right after your workout is beneficial if you are doing some muscle training. Here a regular meal is best. Alternatively, you can have a protein shake right after your workout. Just make sure it is the one that contains no sugar and is exceptionally low in calories.

Remember! There is a significant difference between protein bars and protein shakes!

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You are Not Getting Enough Proteins

Often the reason you are not losing weight despite giving it your best efforts because your protein intake is too low. And your carbohydrate and fat intake may be too high.

Increasing your protein intake will make you feel full and satisfied because of the appetite-suppressing effect protein gives you. It means it is easier to avoid the high-calorie carbohydrate cravings you are often getting exposed to.

Another great benefit you will get from eating more proteins is that you can eat a little more calories without gaining weight. See this CNN article on the topic.

You Are on a Crash Diet

Crash dieting, where you seek to lose weight by eating as little as possible, is not going to make it. You will slow down your metabolism and burn fewer calories.

You may experience a quick weight drop initially, but it is pure water and muscle loss.

Losing muscles is the last thing you want because you will slow down your metabolism and burn fewer calories. It means you will have to be more dramatic and aggressive with your diet to promote weight loss. Also, keep in mind that crash dieting may give you an unhealthy relationship.

Instead, focus on changing your lifestyle and make yourself healthier. It is a way better approach to losing weight.

5 Reasons Why You are Not Losing Weight Final Words

The above five reasons you are not losing weight are what we believe may be some of the most overlooked ones. You are not losing weight because you are not getting enough sleep, are stressed, and struggle with emotional eating. There can be many reasons.

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