Do Situps Burn Belly Fat and Give You a Six-Pack?

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Do situps to burn belly fat

Do sit-ups burn belly fat, or are they just a waste of time doing?

Believing that sit-ups burn belly fat is probably one of the biggest fitness myths out there. A myth that makes millions of people do sit-ups every day, at least for a while, when trying to lose weight and getting a six-pack.

By all means, keep doing your sit-ups. You will strengthen your midsection and make your stomach muscles stronger. But doing sit-ups doesn’t lead to a high enough fat burn that will make you lose weight.

When it comes to your six-pack? It can only happen if your fat levels are low enough! On average, 15% for men and somewhere between 14 and 24% for women, according to

So, if your fat level is 35% or higher, it will not be enough to do sit-ups daily to burn belly fat.

What You Need to Do to Burn Belly Fat

So, if you want to burn belly fat and still do sit-ups, you need to focus on a fat burn that includes your whole body and not just your belly. Unfortunately, there is no such thing called spot reduction when we want to lose weight.

Increase Your Activity Levels

The first thing you got to do is start burning more calories throughout the day by increasing your activity levels. The best and most efficient calorie burn you can get here is a combination of lifting weights and cardio.

Basically, it is all up to you if you want to go the traditional way, by lifting weights first and then do cardio in a gym. Or if you want to do a HIIT routine, cross fitness, or some other circuit workouts a couple of times during the week.

Doing Less Will Be Effective Too

Remember, you don’t have to go all-in just because you want to burn belly fat. Daily walks, jogging, or other stuff that gets your heart rate up will be effective as well. But you have to move your whole body to burn belly fat; else, you might as well stick to the situps.

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Pay Attention to Your Diet

Lower your calorie intake and consider going on a diet is another thing you must do. It can either be a high-protein, keto diet or just a regular low-calorie diet; it doesn’t matter.

Do what you feel is easiest for you to do. I don’t think so much about whether the keto diet is more efficient than a protein diet. The more you like the food you are having on your diet, the easier it will be to do your diet.

Include The Situps to Burn Belly Fat

When you have your diet and workouts in place, you can get started training your abs. But remember, your primary objective is to start building your six-pack under the fat layers you may have.

When you start to lose body fat, your six back will gradually start to show more and more.

How To Do Situps Correctly

There are tons of wrong ways of doing sit-ups and only one correct way of doing them.

Check out the video below to get your form right.

If you are starting, you might find it to move all the way up to a sitting position.

In that case, you can start out doing crunches and work your strength levels up.

If you feel pain in your lower back doing sit-ups, you can also do crunches instead.

Check out the video below for the proper form.

For both exercises, do 3 sets with as many reps as you can do. When it gets too easy, you can either put your body in a decline position or hold some weights at your chest.

The Truth About Building Six-Pack Abs

When your fat levels are low enough, it is relatively easy to train your abdominal muscles and get a six-pack. You don’t have to train your stomach muscles day in and out doing advanced exercises to get that six-pack.

Also, if you are working out, a lot of other exercises for both the lower and upper body will give your abdominal muscles a good workout.

Maintain Symmetry

One essential aspect of doing sit-ups to burn belly and body fat is to maintain symmetry.

It means you should also train and strengthen the lower back main full balance of your midsection.

They can be extremely hard to manage at the beginning, and the position may feel awkward. Start with a few seconds and slightly increase the amount of time you are in a plank position.

If you find the plank too hard to perform, or are you having too much pain in your shoulders? I recommend you do lower back extensions instead!

Again do 3 sets for as long and as many you can do.

What About That Burning Sensation That Comes When I Do Situps?

The burn you start to feel in your belly doing sit-ups is not because you are burning fat. It is an accumulation of lactic acids that happens when you are low on oxygen and convert glucose into energy.

You can promote the same burning sensation by doing other exercises when you, for example, are training your calves or shoulders.

Do Situps Burn Belly Fat? A Sum Up!

Let’s quickly sum up what we have talked about in this article.

  • Doing sit-ups doesn’t burn enough belly fat to promote weight loss.
  • You can only get a six-pack by doing sit-ups if your fat levels are low enough.
  • There is no such thing as spot reduction.
  • You must go all-in and train your whole body to burn belly fat.
  • Combine diet and exercise to get the best results
  • Make sure you are doing your sit-ups correctly.
  • Start with crunches if sit-ups are too hard.
  • Train your lower back to maintain symmetry

Do sit-ups burn belly fat? Only if you take the topics we have discussed in this article and turn them into a routine!

Doing sit-ups alone will not burn belly fat. A six-pack, yes, but only if your fat level is low enough.

Are You Still Struggling to Burn Belly Fat?

Patience is the key when you want to burn belly fat. Often you will have to make some fundamental changes to your life. You will have to get rid of unhealthy habits and find healthy replacements.

To make things a little easier, you can consider using a fat burner like PhenQ. It is a 5 in one fat burner that can help you deal with some pressing issues you might have tried to lose weight.

The Benefits

The PhenQ fat burner can help you with the following.

  • Suppress your appetite so you will eat less
  • Improve your fat burn so you will get rid of belly fat faster
  • Increase metabolism so your overall calorie expenditure will go up
  • Raise your energy levels so you can do more things that will benefit your diet
  • Enhance your mood so you will stay more positive during your diet

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