25 Little Known Weight Loss Tricks That Can Make A Big Difference!

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Weight Loss Tricks

Are you trying to lose weight, but you are not happy with the results you see so far?

No worry, you don’t have to turn things upside down going on some extreme diet to see some fat loss results!

Often what you need is just to get started using some little known weight loss tricks to turn things around.

In this article, you will get 25 of my favorite weight loss tricks to help you get started losing fat.

Serve Your Meals On Smaller Plates

Choosing smaller plates to serve your meals can make a big difference. Use bigger plates, and your portions will automatically look smaller, which will cause you to serve more food.

On the other hand, using smaller plates, your portions will automatically look bigger than they are.

If you want to lose weight, get rid of these large designer plates of yours and go for something smaller.

Using smaller plates to help you lose weight is a great way to learn portion control and lose weight without noticing that you are restricting your calorie intake.

One Of The Easiest Weight Loss Tricks – Use A Spoon To Eat

Use a spoon to eat among the best weight loss tricks

I know it doesn’t exactly encourage having a candlelight dinner, but using a spoon instead of a knife and fork can be an effective way to lose weight.

When using a spoon, you will slow down your eating giving yourself the chance of feeling full and satisfied faster, and that way, get rid of calories from your meals daily.

We tend to eat so fast that we are getting too many calories before you are getting the sensation of feeling full. A spoon is a perfect tool to slow down your eating.

Change Your Environment And Surroundings

This one can be a tough one to do for many! Because who wants to say no thanks to delicious grandma pastries on a Sunday or Uncle Bills famous barbeque on a Saturday?

However, because we are social creatures,  we tend to eat the same type of food as our surroundings. We simply adapt to a specific eating pattern, when we get married, are having kids, visit families, etc. If it is not a healthy eating pattern we adopt, our weight will gradually start to go up.

I am not saying that you should cut your ties to your family just because you want to lose weight. But, being aware of it can be a great help.

One way to combat environmental overeating is to be strategic about it. Don’t try to limit yourself to having a salad when everybody else is having steak. You might be able to pull it off at the event because you don’t want to lose face.

But what often happens with people using this approach is that they will binge eat when they get home. Wow, I managed to say no and was strong, now I deserve a reward.

Instead, keep things in balance. Cut your calories between 250 and 500 one or two days before the event. That way, you give yourself a little slack and have good times with your family.

I highly recommend you to cut the calories before and not after the event.

Use α-Lacys Reset® To Help You Lose Weight

α-LACYS RESET® is a patented proprietary blend of ingredients such as alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine. Scientists have discovered that using α-LACYS RESET®  with your diet; you can increase your metabolism and improve thermogenesis so you will burn more fat.

Currently, α-LACYS RESET® comes in supplements such as the popular PhenQ.

PhenQ before and after

Changing Your Habits – One Of The Best Longterm Weight Loss Tricks

Yeah, Martin, that sounds good! But what about in my daily life when we have our meals in the family?

In your daily life, I believe you are better off losing weight and keep it off by gradually changing your habits. Trying to deprive yourself of foods because you want to lose weight will just make it worse. Remember, what we cannot have, we want.

So what you can is just gradually changing what you eat. Find healthier alternatives and substitutes. If you know you are going to meet resistance from your family, then simply don’t tell them. It is for the better cause.

When you are planning your meals together, simply just come up with healthier alternatives, and you will gradually change the eating pattern for your family.

Personally, I have been able to cut my ketchup intake almost to zero by merely replacing it with avocado for my eggs in the mornings.

Don’t Cut Too Many Calories.

Often when we want to lose weight, we set goals such as losing 20 lbs in a month because we have a big event to attend.

Or, because we just want to get over our diet as fast as possible and move on with our life, we are willing to commit to a 500 calorie diet daily. Often a commitment that only lasts the first couple of days before we really start to feel the pain of being hungry.

Both of these approaches as doomed to failure. Trying to lose so much weight will backfire on you when the number of hunger hormones is increasing in your body. As a result, you may end up weighing more than when you started.

Also, rapid weight loss is not a weight loss. 18 or the 20 pounds you wanted to lose will be in the form of fluids and lean muscles. Welcome to the vicious cycle of continued yo-yo dieting, where the loss of muscle mass will lead to weight gain because your body is burning fewer calories.

Remember, a real fat burn must be done slowly. Fat cells are stubborn like crazy and don’t for these old tricks of dramatic calorie restrictions.

Instead, focus on cutting around 500 calories daily. It will lead to a 3500 calorie deficit weekly, which is around one pound of body fat. Instead of eating less, start to exercise more.

Watch Yourself Eat In Front Of A Mirror

Ok, this is a weird one, but I can work quite effectively.

When you look at yourself eating in the mirror, so you will see yourself as one who needs to lose weight. It will help limit your food intake.

Do Intermittent Fasting

Use Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting can be an effective way of losing weight as long as you are not using it as an excuse for a daily eating feast. On top of that, it is the perfect way of losing weight if you hate having breakfast.

Using a 16:8 eating schedule means that you will go 16 hours daily without food and calories. The remaining 8-hours is where you can have your meals and calories.

Intermittent fasting gives you a couple of benefits. First, because you only have 8-hours to eat, you will likely consume fewer calories without feeling more hungry.

Second, fasting for 16-hours seven days a week will force your body to burn ketones coming from fat instead of carbohydrates coming from your meals.

If you want to do the keto diet, I highly recommend you to combine it with intermittent fasting.

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Water, Water, And Plenty Of Water

Drinking water is one of the simplest but yet highly effective ways to lose weight. Get a big glass of water before each of your main meals, and you will lose weight faster.

Water carries an appetite suppressant effect and can help you curb food cravings as well.

On top of that, getting three big glasses of water will also help you to stay hydrated and healthy.

Water With Psyllium Husk Caps

When it comes to water and suppressing your appetite, you can take it a couple of steps further. Try mix some psyllium caps in your water once or twice daily and suppress your appetite even more.

Since the purpose is to help you lose weight and not to improve your stool, I recommend you to use a smaller dose of it. Too much, and you will feel like vomiting.

Change Your Condiments

Condiments are often overlooked when you count your daily calories. However, condiments such as mayonnaise, barbeque sauce, and ketchup contain lots of calories that will get your relying on out of wack.

Switch the unhealthy ones to healthier alternatives like a tomato salsa instead of ketchup or guacamole.

Do Ab Vacuums To Reduce Your Belly

Ab vacuums can be an effective way to make your look flatter. On top of that, they don’t take a lot of effort from your part because you can do them everywhere.

In this video, 9to5Strength will show you how you, too, can get started doing them.


Eat More Spicy Food – One Of The Most Delicious Weight Loss Tricks

Spicy food creates a thermogenic effect in your body, causing its temperature to go up. A result of this effect is a temporary increase in metabolism and fat burn that will last a couple of hours.

Chilis and red peppers contain capsaicin, also called Capsicum, that ads the intense flavor and burning sensation to the meal.

If you want to use this weight loss trick to help you lose weight, just make sure to choose dishes that don’t contain lots of creams and fat. Thailandish food can be a great place to start.

Go Organic With Your Meals

Clean eating and having a more in-depth knowledge of exactly what you are putting in your body is a great way to lose weight.

I am not saying the food additives and all sorts of chemicals make you gain weight? But they for sure are not making you lose weight either.

Also, we don’t know what they will do to your body longterm.

Learning to eat clean and organic will help you in the long run. It will teach not to stuff whatever in your mouth because you are hungry.

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Stop Making Decisions On Emotions

Said with other words! Stop making decisions on how you feel now, but how you will feel afterward.

Way too many of use stop dieting or going to the gym because we respond to how we feel at the moment. Like when you make hundreds of excuses for not going to the gym because you are lazy.

Instead, pay attention to how you will feel after going to the gym. Trust me; you will feel great and be motivated for a healthy meal after the gym.

If you reacted on the here and now feeling skipping the gym, you may trigger a series on adverse events afterward. It can be having an unhealthy meal instead of the healthy one because your motivation has dropped.

Why eat healthily if you already skipped the gym? It is how the human brain reacts.

Get A Better Understanding Of How Your Weight Fluctuates

Many professionals will recommend you only stand on the scale and check your weight once a week. You will get a more precise number compared to checking your weight daily.

But I know you are curious and can’t wait to check it standing on the scale. I also see how you will feel if the weight has increased.

So here is what I want you to do. Jump on the scale first thing in the morning. Remember the number you see. Get a cop of coffee and go to the bathroom and do your stool work.

When finished, it will likely be lower compared to the earlier measurement. You will get a better understanding of how your weight fluctuates.

Also, keep in mind, if you had a lot of water, salt the evening before, your weight will likely also be higher.

If you prefer to jump on the scale in the evenings, your weight will typically be a couple of pounds higher compared to how much you weigh in the mornings.

Have A Bag Of Frozen Vegetables Once A Day With Your Main Meal

Bag of frozen vegetables one of the easy weight loss tricks

This weight loss trick is highly recommended for singles, and guys who don’t like to cook. But if you have a busy schedule, you can use it as well.

Get some bags of frozen vegetables in your local supermarket. With one of your main meals daily, you take 500 grams or 17. oz of the content and boil it with water. Next, enjoy your vegetables with your meal.

The vegetables are shallow in calories and come with lots of fibers that will make you feel full and satisfied faster. As an extra benefit, you will get many of the needed threads, vitamins, and minerals covered daily.

Personally, I like the California Blend or the carrot peach mix, but you can choose whatever you want.

Improve Your Nighttime Metabolism

Whoever said that you only can lose weight in the daytime?

Using herbs like Konjac glucomannan, Griffonia extract, and matured Hops extract, you can turn your body into a fat-burning furnace and increase your metabolism at nighttime.

No worry, the same herbs will make sure you are getting a good night’s sleep with no interruptions. It means your body can undergo a cellular renewal process in peace in which, by the way, also will help you lose weight.

The best way to get started using glucomannan, Griffonia and Hop extract is by using a supplement like Phen24. It gives you a day and nighttime formula so you will lose weight 24-hours a day.

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Take Advantage Of The Power Of Thermogenesis

Use thermogenesis for weigth loss

When you expose your body to cold, like in a shower, a swim during wintertime, or using an air conditioner, it will take more heat to warm you up. It means you will produce more energy than usual and a great deal of it will come from your body fat.

When you are taking a cold shower, try to position yourself, so the water hits your chest or upper back. It is here most of your brown fat is located. Targeting brown fat and you will produce more heat and boost your metabolism.

If a cold shower or swimming in icy water is too much? Then try the air conditioner method instead!

Put yourself in a room and take off all your close. Turn the air conditioner on, to the max, and let it run for 1 or 2 hours until you start freezing. Keep it like that for as long as you can.

If you are working from home, you can do it while you work. Besides the extra calories you are burning, you will also feel great afterward.

As a final notice, you shouldn’t do any of this without talking to your doctor first. Also, never swim in icy water alone.

Cryotherapy – One Of The Coldest Weight Loss Tricks

If cold showers or air conditioners are not enough, you can take it a couple of steps further and do cryotherapy. Here you stand in a chamber that with nitrogen or similar is cooled down to between contrary 200 and 300 F. Stay there between 3 and 5 minutes, and your body will go into fight or flight mode, burning tons of calories rapidly.

Besides weight loss, cryotherapy may also help give you relief when it comes to chronic pain, migraine, and rheumatoid arthritis.

To do this form of weight loss, you will have to go to a Clinique where a therapist will monitor the treatment.

Before spending around $35 for a 3-minute session, I recommend you do some of the other weight loss tricks mentioned in this post first.

One Of The Newer Weight Loss Tricks – CoolSculpting

Cool Sculpting Session

If you still want to take advantage of ice for your weight loss but don’t make a drastic measure, such as cryotherapy, you can get started with CoolSculpting.

You will have to visit a CoolSculpting Clinique where a therapist will freezy some of your fat cells so they will die. Over the next couple of weeks, they will gradually get expelled from your body, and you will experience a fat loss.

Whether if it works or not is up to you. However, MedicinalNewsToday speaks positively about in this article.

Burn More Fat Using Exogenous Ketones

The keto diet is all about getting off as many carbohydrates as possible and exchange with healthy sources of fat. Doing so will force your body to burn ketones coming from fat instead of glucose coming from carbs.

As a result, you will experience a fat burn that for some dieters will become more efficient than a regular low-calorie.

To make this process more efficient, you can use exogenous ketones such as the Keto Advanced weight loss pills. It will deliver some of the ketones needed to push your body into ketosis. It means you will no longer have to wait for your body to produce ketones to cause a fat burn.

If it is relatively easy for you to lose weight, you might even be able to pull this off, just by using the exogenous ketones with a healthy diet.

Keto Advanced Weight Loss Pills! Do They Work To Help You Lose Weight?

Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake Slightly

Cut your carbs among the powerful weight loss tricks

There is nothing wrong with consuming carbs as long as you stay within your daily calorie requirements.

The problem with carbs nowadays is that they have been enhanced over time, in such a way that they come with more calories than our body can handle. As a result of our industrialization, foods containing carbohydrates such as corn, bread, rice, potatoes, and pasta has become high powered food. They are sufficient to feed an impoverished nation, but for us, with lots of food options around, they have become a problem.

You don’t have to go on a high-protein or the keto diet to avoid carbohydrates and lose weight. Often doing little can be just as effective as eliminating carbs.

You can still enjoy carbohydrates with your meals, just cut down on them in each of your meals. Like if you are having a cup of rice for dinner, cut it in half. If you feel hungry, add some vegetables to your meal instead.

Experiment weekly, cutting your carbs little by little until you start losing weight. Cutting carbs without going overboard is one of the more effective weight loss tricks.

Eat Breakfast Like A King And Dinner Like A Poor Man

Often we barely eat anything for breakfast, for then to have a large meal after 6 pm because we are starving.

Instead, do the opposite, have your breakfast like a king, fill your body with nutrients, and energy, so you are fueled up for the day. After 6 pm, you just stick to a salad with some chicken or lean meat.

Using this approach, you will be strategic about your calorie intake, having them when you need them the most. There is no point in having a half or 2/3 of your daily requirements right when you are about to go to bed.

Suppress Your Appetite With The YGD Combination

According to studies done at the University of Copenhagen, the so-called YGD combination has shown to be extra productive when you want to suppress your appetite and lose weight.

YGD stands for yerba mate, guarana, and damiana. In one study, 44 healthy overweight patients either got three capsules of YGD or a placebo that they took three times daily.

It turned out that the YGD group was able to achieve a weight loss over 45 days due to a significant delay in gastric emptying. The YGD combination reduces the time between where you will be hungry until when you feel full and satisfied.

The only way to get started using this approach is by using Zotrim, an appetite suppressant that owns the patent of the YGD combination. Using the YGD combination to lose fat is one of the more effective weight loss tricks.

Suppress your appetite using Zotrim

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If you are looking for more opinions regarding the YGD combination then check out this Zotrim review. It will give you more details on this weight loss approach.

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