Does Coffee Suppress Your Appetite and Promote a Weight Loss?

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Coffee to suppress your appetite

Does coffee suppress your appetite, and can that way help you to promote a significant weight loss?

It can sound like a dream diet for the avid coffee lover, sipping freshly brewed coffee all day long and then losing your appetite and all temptations for sugars and bad foods!

Coffee can suppress your appetite, speed up your fat burn, and raise your energy levels. But there are a few things that are not ideal when it comes to suppressing your appetite.

Does Coffee Suppress Your Appetite?

According to scientific studies, and one published in PubMed, coffee can suppress your appetite and make you consume fewer calories in the following meals.

However, another study from ScienceDirect showed that men could decrease their calorie intake by 22% in their following meals. The women in this study did not achieve any differences.

Looking at these studies, we must conclude that using coffee to suppress your appetite may work better for men than for women.

My Personal Experience Using Coffee to Suppress Appetite

In my personal experience with coffee as an appetite suppressant, the effects tend to decrease with time. So, it may work OK in the first week of your diet but will decrease in the upcoming weeks.

Then to get the appetite suppressing effects, you will have to increase your intake of coffee. It can give you several issues such as an elevated heartbeat, restlessness, and sleepless nights. It is not exactly good for your health or diet.

Using Coffee to Help You Lose Weight

When it comes to using coffee to help you lose weight, my suggestion is to stay away from coffee as an appetite suppressing.

Instead, use it as an energizer and fat burner before your workout or other activities. It can like having a cup of coffee an hour before going to the gym. You will get some extra energy and a better fat burn you can use to optimize your workout and results.

Of course, when having your cup of coffee, make sure to avoid sugar, milk, caramel, chocolate, and all the other stuff people tend to soak their coffee with nowadays.

How to Suppress Your Appetite Without Coffee

So how do you suppress your appetite when coffee and caffeine are out of the question?


The easiest way to suppress your appetite is by increasing your intake of low-calorie fibers such as vegetables. If you don’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen, you can boil a bag of frozen vegetables and have half for each of your meals.

They will fill up your stomach and make you feel full and satisfied faster than having a salad, rice, potatoes, or pasta.

Plain Water

Pure plain water can also be an effective way to suppress your appetite because it will fill up your stomach to eat less.

The best way of doing this is by having a big glass of water before each of your main meals. Then, wait for 20 minutes and then have your meals.

Using Supplements

Another approach to suppress your appetite without coffee is to use supplements like Zotrim or Phen Q.

Zotrim helps suppress your appetite with ingredients such as yerba mate, Daima, and guarana, which can suppress your appetite effectively and increase your fat burn.

Phen Q is a more traditional fat burner, which suppresses your appetite using ingredients such as nopal cactus extract.

Also, check out our article, Suppress Your Appetite – An Effective Way to Lose Weight, for more ideas and inspiration.

Zotrim to suppress appetite

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