Do I Really Need Exercising to Lose Weight?

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Exercising for weight loss do I really have to?

So now you are ready to start your diet. You have your meal plans in place, and you have bought PhenQ to help you lose those stubborn extra pounds of body fat.

You are all set, but one big question keeps popping up! Do I really need exercise to lose weight?

The short answer to this is if you are burning more calories than you are eating. You do not need any exercise to lose weight.

But consider getting started doing some form of exercising because you will get so many benefits from doing so.

If You Don’t Like Exercising to Lose Weight

If you don’t like doing sports or going to a gym, it is understandable. Gyms can be a very ignoring place to go, especially those with a clientele so focused on themselves that your visit there becomes very unpleasant.

Do Some Daily Walks

In that case, at least work on increasing your activity level so you can burn a couple of extra pounds during the week. Here doing some walking or similar.

You see, exercising to lose weight does not need to become an obsession where you must spend hours doing something you don’t like. Just think about increasing your activity levels by doing something you like to do.

An excellent way to increase your activity levels is to do daily walks for thirty minutes or so. They are great because you not only burn a few calories. It will also be a wonderful way to clear your mind or think about your work or different projects.

Some people get obsessed with their daily walks because it helps them do some planning with their jobs.

Do More Work at Home?

Another way to increase your activity levels is by doing some more work in your house. You want to do a total overhaul of your home. Now is the time to do it, especially if you want to burn some extra pounds of body fat.

Get Together with Friends

Increasing your activity levels by getting together with some friends is another wonderful way to increase your activity levels for higher calorie burn.

If you are doing some healthy activities together, it could stuff like going out in nature, doing some hiking or other activities.

If You Do Like Exercising to Lose Weight

If you do like exercising, you can take advantage of it and burn a lot of calories.

You can also switch it around and focus more on burning calories by going to the gym than lowering your calorie intake.

However, if you want to take that approach, you need to know about your body and weight loss.

For starters, you have to focus on what you eat first.

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Going to the Gym – The Ultimate Exercise Solution

The most efficient way to do exercise for weight loss is by going to the gym. It is the ultimate because you can improve your cardiovascular system and build lean muscles simultaneously.

Doing cardio burns more calories here and now. And more muscle mass burns more calories throughout the day. It means your overall metabolism and calorie burn will increase, and that way promotes weight loss.

Also, make sure you are doing the best cardio for your weight loss, so you are not wasting your time.

How Much Time Should You Spend Exercising?

If you only have 30 minutes available per week, it is better than doing nothing. However, if you can spend 3 or 4 hours weekly, you will get some excellent results.

It would help if you did not spend more than an hour in the gym each time. If you want to focus more on building lean muscles, it is ok to do that for like 50 minutes and cardio for 30 minutes.

We do not recommend you train your muscles for more than an hour.


So, remember, if your calorie burn is higher than what you are taking in, you are going to be okay and will be losing weight.

If you use the PhenQ weight loss supplement to lose weight, you will automatically increase your calorie burn, and it will become easier for you to lose weight.

Exercising to lose weight is recommended because it will improve your health and burn additional calories. Remember that PhenQ also will increase your energy levels.  It means it will become easier for you to get started doing some exercises.

A great benefit of using PhenQ and going to the gym is that this weight loss supplement will also increase your calorie expenditure when working out.

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