13 Tips on How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

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13 Tips to get rid of lower belly fat

The lower belly is a stubborn area of fat that can be hard to get rid of for many people trying to lose weight.

We all know the feeling when we have lost some weight, but the last few pounds are taking their time to come off.

If you want to lose your lower belly fat, follow these 13 steps, and soon you’ll see those results!

But first, let’s answer the question!

Why is it So Difficult to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat?

There are several reasons why lower belly fat is difficult to get rid of.

Lower belly fat is more stubborn because it’s closer to the stomach and other stronger muscles, giving it more insulation from exercise.

Women also have a higher concentration of estrogen, which increases the production of abdominal fat.

Progesterone and Cortisol Can Make It Hard to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

Higher hormone progesterone levels may cause the body to store abdominal fat to balance out estrogen levels during pregnancy or menstruation.

The area just below our tummy contains a larger quantity of cortisol (a natural stress hormone) than any other part of our human body.

Exposure to environmental toxins and pollutants such as PCBs are another factor that affects the build-up around your torso at an alarmingly fast rate.

Now that we have touched on potential reasons why it is difficult to get rid of lower belly fat let’s look at the tips you can use to get rid of this fat.

Eat More Protein and Lower Your Intake of Carbs and Sugars

A diet that includes more lean protein is good for weight loss, but it can also help reduce the amount of fat in the lower belly.

Protein is important for fat burning and metabolism, which will aid in reducing your lower belly fat.

It is important to note that you should keep your sugar and carbohydrate intake low if you want to lose lower belly fat. Sugar and carbohydrates can be stored as fat in the body’s lower stomach region.

When lowering your intake, you remove your body’s ability to store carbs as body fat.

Check out our article How to Eat Fewer Calories and Lose Weight.

Decrease Your Intake of Alcohol

Your goal should be to lose fat, not just weight. Alcohol contains empty calories that, just like carbs, also will be stored as lower belly fat.

Another of many reasons why drinking alcohol can lead to accumulating fat on your lower belly is because it increases appetite due to its effects on hormones such as testosterone and ghrelin.

Exercise Regularly, at Least 4-5 Days a Week to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

Exercise is important for losing lower belly fat because it burns calories and builds muscle. This can help you lose weight in general, especially around the waistline. It would be best to exercise at least 4-5 times a week to see any results.

Increases Metabolism

Exercise increases your metabolism and lowers the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for storing belly fat. Even if you are not trying to lose weight, start exercising because it can help with other aspects of your health, such as lowering blood pressure or improving brain function.

Doing exercises that work out different muscle groups will burn more calories overall. Some good examples include:

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Lifting weights
  • Fitness classes
  • Playing sports such as soccer or basketball.
  • Walking

Increase Your Intake of Fiber, and Whole Grains Such as Brown Rice, Oats, and Quinoa

Increase your fiber intake

Why are fibers and whole-grain good to eat when you want to get rid of lower belly fat?

Fiber helps to digest your food and prevents constipation, which can promote a healthy heart.

Whole grains are an excellent source of fiber and compounds with antioxidant properties, preventing coronary artery disease. F

or both reasons, adding more soluble fiber to your diet is a clever idea for getting rid of lower belly fat. Add whole-grain cereals, oatmeal, and quinoa dishes as often as possible for best results!

Drink Plenty of Water

It is important to drink plenty of water when you want to get rid of lower belly fat because it promotes weight loss.

Water helps the body with digestion and elimination.

Drinking a glass of iced water during your meal will satisfy hunger, saturate food in the stomach, and prevent overeating.

For optimum weight loss: Drink two glasses of distilled or spring water, not tap or bottled – before each meal, between meals, and 30 minutes after each meal. Try adding fresh lemon to your H2O for a refreshing zest & boost!

Also, make sure to drink plenty of water before or during exercise not to experience muscle cramping or fatigue, which can impede performance.

Start Your Day with a Healthy Nutrient-Rich Breakfast

The problem with lower belly fat is that it makes your stomach look bloated. Starting the day with a healthy breakfast will provide you with the energy and nutrients you need to get through a busy day and keep your tummy feeling full and satisfied.

Eating less at night will show in your waistline!

Eat breakfast within a half-hour of waking up. Breakfast provides all the nutrients and energy you need to get through your morning, so it’s important not to skip this meal!

Include protein in every meal for sustained energy throughout the day. Protein will also help fill you up faster than other foods–helping reduce late-night snacks.

Do Daily Walks – A Great Way to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

Daily walks are good because it burns calories and builds muscle which can help you lose weight, especially around the waistline. Walking can also increase your metabolism and lower the hormone cortisol, responsible for storing belly fat.

On top of that, a daily walk will also help clear your mind and get rid of the stress associated with lower belly fat.

So, try to walk for 45 minutes each day, at least five days out of every week. Keep your pace slow because it will help you lose weight more quickly this way than if you were to jog or run, which can cause injury when done too much.

Below are some of the other many benefits you will get from walking.

  • It Will gives you more energy
  • Decreases risk of heart disease
  • Helps with concentration and decreases stress levels
  • Improves balance in seniors
  • Increases bone health
  • Lowers blood pressure and prevents hypertension

Don’t forget to check out our article Walking to Lose Weight – 8 Top Benefits.

Train Your Abdominals

Abdominal training is important because it tones up the muscles in your midsection, giving you a more streamlined look and allowing your stomach to burn off calories faster.

Try to focus on abdominal exercises that target the lower part of your stomach, such as leg raises, bicycle crunches, and hanging leg raises.

Barbarian Body has made an excellent do-it-at-home video that can help you get started to get started training your lower abdominals.

The muscles in your lower stomach are often neglected and should be trained if you want to get rid of the fat that gathers there.

Another clever idea is to get up off your chair every hour or so, walk around for a few minutes to increase blood flow to the abdominal area. This helps with digestion and weight loss by getting you more active!

You can learn more about training your abdominals in our article Do Sit-Ups Burn Belly Fat and Give You a Six-Pack?

Work on Avoiding Stress as Much as Possible

why should you avoid stress when you want to get rid of lower belly fat?

There are many reasons why you should avoid stress when trying to lose lower belly fat.

One reason is that stress leads to weight gain because it makes the body produces cortisol, which impedes fat loss and stimulates appetite-seeking.

Stress also provides your body with an excuse to overeat by making you feel like you need a reward for getting through it.

In addition, stress can lead to mindless eating due to the ‘I deserve this’ mentality.

Practice a Mindful Diet

It’s best to be mindful of what you are eating when getting rid of lower belly fat. The reason is that what you eat can affect how much fat your stomach deposits.

For example, if you eat mostly carbohydrates, your stomach will be more likely to deposit fat than most proteins.

The Mindful Diet recommends that you flip through a book of food pictures and describe any thoughts or feelings the images bring up.

This will allow you to let go of food-related worries and create a more open dialogue with yourself about your desired weight and the steps involved in getting there.

Being mindful of what you’re eating will make it easier to stick with a diet in line with your goals. When you’re mindful of your food choices and where they come from, you’ll find

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Get Knowledge About How Many Calories Your Food Contains

It’s important to know how many calories your food contains to get a basic understanding of weight gain and weight loss.

It’s estimated that adding an extra 500 calories daily over a period of 6 months will lead to the gain of 5-10 pounds.

A good rule is not to take on any more than 500 or 1000 extra calories every week. You can use a tracker like MyFitnessPal to understand better how many calories you are consuming.

Drink Green Tea Before Bedtime to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

Green Tea inhibits the release of cortisol which is responsible for storing belly fat.

It also helps promote a healthy weight because it decreases fat cells and can help you lose weight faster than coffee because it provides antioxidants.

Further, green tea does not cause the heart rate to speed up like coffee or soda does, so that means you’re lowering your risks of having a heart attack or stroke as well as lessening your chance of an ulcer.

Compared to coffee, green tea doesn’t contain as much caffeine, which can lead to insomnia.

Get Started Using a Fat Burner Like PhenGold

If you want to get rid of lower belly fat, a fat burner may be the go-to tool for achieving your goal.

PhenGold is a supplement designed to shrink fat cells in the body and curb your hunger and food cravings. It’s important to work with a healthy diet and exercise when taking this product.

PhenGold contains powerful ingredients like green tea, green coffee bean extract, DMAE, L-theanine, L tyrosine, and Rhodiola SP.

Studies have shown that these ingredients help curb appetite and increase fat burning potential while also having some antioxidant benefits.

Dieters have reported an overall feeling of increased energy and improved concentration when using this product.

Another wonderful thing about PhenGold is that it is designed to work for all people, regardless of their current weight or fitness level.

No matter how much you weigh and your height/weight ratio, PhenGold can be a powerful product that helps with fat burning and cravings management.

You can learn more in our PhenGold review about how it works and what you will get out of using it.

You can also by visiting their website where you also get more information.

Get started using PhenGold

Conclusion – How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

It’s important to take care of yourself and your health when you want to get rid of lower belly fat. The tips we have provided should help guide you in the right direction and get you started on your way to a healthier and happier life.

Get started using these tips one by one, and soon you will see some remarkable results!





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