Does Running Burn Belly Fat? – How to Optimize for Maximum Fat Burn!

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does running burns belly fat

Does running burn belly fat? This is one question that many people ask when they want to lose weight!

If it is done correctly, running to lose belly fat can be an effective way to lose weight and keep it off.

If done wrong, you may end up injuring yourself or completely lose your motivation because you pushed yourself too hard at the beginning, being out of shape.

However, when you have found your balance on how much running, how fast you can do it, and your current fitness level? It can be highly effective.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what you will get out of running to lose belly fat, the benefits, and how you can get better results.

Can You Lose Belly Fat by Running?

Running is one of the most efficient ways to lose weight and get in shape because it burns calories and belly fat.

When you run, your body produces heat as a byproduct of the increased metabolic rate. This increased metabolic rate can last for hours after running, called the afterburn or EPOC.

Running Will Suppress Your Appetite

Running will also suppress your appetite. It can be helpful if you are having issues with too much appetite and portion control.

However, if you run a lot, it may increase your appetite instead of suppressing it. Therefore, you should still maintain a healthy diet and calorie control.

Stay Hydrated

Runners also need to stay hydrated by drinking enough water before, during, and after their runs.

Water is especially crucial for runners who want to go high intensity or on a hot day. Dehydration can occur when running on a hot day, so drink plenty of water before you hit the road.

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Does Walking Burn More Fat Than Running?

First, one of the most asked questions is whether running burns more fat than walking.

When running, your body will be using up its glycogen stores to provide energy for the muscles. It results in a larger “afterburn.”

It means you will be burning more calories afterward compared to walking.

Running is effective for weight loss because it helps to use up calories. It also allows you to use up fat stores that accumulate around your midsection.

On the other hand, walking does not produce nearly as much afterburn as running since there are fewer metabolic changes during this sort of activity.

The main benefit of walking is that it does not damage your joints or bones as much as other types of exercises, including running.

Running vs. Walking If You Are Working Out Building Lean Muscles

That running is a more effective fat burner if you want to lose as much belly fat as possible.

However, if you are seeking to build lean muscles working out in a gym? Then walking after your lifting weights session is a better option!

The reason for this is that when your glycogen stores are depleted after a muscle-building session, the only way you can get more energy is by burning lean muscles.

To avoid muscle burn, walking is a better option because it tends to burn a more significant deal of your fat reserves instead of lean muscles.

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Walking on an Incline Treadmill to Burn Belly Fat

Incline treadmill walking

To spice up your walking, making it more effective, you can set the treadmill to incline in the gym and keep a steady pace for between 20-40 minutes.

This way of walking will make your fat burn much more efficient compared to walking in flat terrain or downhill.

A more significant deal of your calorie burn will come from storage and not lean muscles.

Running on a Treadmill to Burn Belly Fat

Running on a treadmill can be extremely helpful in burning belly fat and improving your cardiovascular system.

It can be safer than running outside, and the weather conditions will not affect your daily scheduled run.

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How Much Should I Run to Lose Belly Fat?

Running for 30 minutes three times a week is something that most people can find time for. It is also a great time for beginners to get started because you will reduce the risks of injuries and will knock yourself out entirely.

As long as you maintain a healthy diet restricting your calorie intake, 30 minutes three times a week is enough to burn belly fat.

When you are more experienced, you can increase your run times by 5 minutes weekly until you reach an hour of running three times a week.

When you are hooked on running, you can run for an hour daily, six days a week.

How Many Miles Should You Run to Lose Belly Fat?

2 miles in 30 minutes is a good starting point when it comes to does running burn belly fat.

From here, you can work yourself up to 3 miles in 30 minutes and run even further depending on how much time you have available.

Remember, it is in the first 30 minutes that you will burn the most belly fat.

Disadvantages When it Comes to Running to Burn Belly Fat

Injured knee after running

Some disadvantages of running to burn belly fat are that it can place a tremendous amount of stress on your joints and bones. It can become quite painful if you’re not wearing the correct type of shoes or start with too much intensity.

Lower back issues because of poor form and posture while running is another issue.

Your body also becomes susceptible to dehydration when running outside in warm weather.

Getting enough water while running can be difficult because no one wants to carry the water with them.

Running can be hard on your schedule if you have young children at home or need to run errands after work. Often the last thing you want to do after working 8-10 hours is to go out and push yourself running.

Finally, before you start running to burn belly fat, you should consult a doctor. It is to make sure you are not having and conditions that can become life-threatening when running.

How to Optimize Your Belly Fat Burn When Running

One thing is running to burn belly fat and lose weight; another is optimizing, maximizing, and getting better results.

Create a Calorie Deficit

First, make sure to create a calorie deficit, burning more calories than you are consuming. A great to do so is to maintain a healthy diet to make you feel full and satisfied.

When it comes to popular diets, it doesn’t matter if it is a keto diet, a high-protein diet, or just a low-calorie diet. What important is that you like the food.

Do Strength Training

Next, make sure to combine your running with strength training. It will give you an extra boost in your calorie burn and a beautiful body when you are finished burning belly fat.

Use a Fat Burner

Finally, consider using a fat burner like PhenQ that gives you several ingredients to optimize your fat burn and metabolism. It means you can reach your weight loss goals faster and easier.

Furthermore, PhenQ also contains ingredients that can suppress your appetite so that you will eat less.

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Conclusion Does Running Burn Belly Fat?

Running is an excellent way to burn fat and lose weight. It works as a tremendous calorie-burning exercise that can be done anytime, anywhere.

However, before you start running through the streets or pounding pavement in your neighborhood park for hours on end, make sure you talk with your doctor first about whether this type of activity will work well for you and what precautions need to be taken.

To get even better results, it is also recommended that you maintain a healthy diet and incorporate strength training a couple of times during the week.

Finally, you can consider using a fat burner like PhenQ to help you avoid potential pitfalls and make your diet experience much better.

Phen Q and running to burn belly fat


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