6 Reasons Why Cardio in The Morning is Best for Weight Loss

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Cardio in the morning

According to researchers at the University of Northumbria in Newcastle, UK, those who do cardio exercise before breakfast burn 20 percent extra body fat than people who have their breakfast first.

The researchers compared two groups of obese volunteers on a treadmill. They discovered that people who had gone to cardio practices on empty bellies increased their calorie consumption all over the day.

The information was published in the Science Daily.

6 Reasons Why Cardio in Morning is Best for Weight Loss

You would think that doing cardio on a full stomach after breakfast or later during the day would give you much better results, speaking of weight loss. But it is not the case.

But how come it is better to do your cardio in the morning compared to later afternoon, at a time where many dieters prefer doing it after work?

Let’s have a closer look at precisely what happens in your body doing your cardio in the morning and why you should prefer doing it early, whether you like it or not.

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You Have Low Insulin levels.

Without eating in the last 6 to 10 hours, your insulin levels are lower. It is good because it gets easier for the cortisol in your body to remove fat cells compared to if you had high insulin levels. You will merely promote higher fat oxidation doing your cardio than later, where you had several meals during the day.

High Level of Growth Hormone

Your level of growth hormones will be high because it is produced during sleep. Growth hormones and insulin works oppositely. When you have elevated levels of growth hormone, you will have low insulin levels and vice versa. Higher levels of growth hormone will burn more fat.

Increased insulin sensitivity

Fasting cardiovascular exercise helps increase insulin sensitivity, which eliminates fat without affecting hormone balance. High insulin sensitivity has many health benefits, especially for people with a family history of diabetes.

Your levels of Glycogen are Depleted.

When you are working out on an empty stomach in the morning, you will force your body to get its caloric fuel delivered from your body fat.


The metabolism is accelerated by several hours after fasting cardio exercise. And because you have your day ahead, you will burn more calories than if you did your cardio session in the evening.

Increase Your Mental focus

Getting physical in the morning helps to wake up. It increases your mental activity and concentration during the day due to the released endorphins.

What If I Cannot Make My Cardio in The Morning?

If you can’t get up in the morning or you just too busy squeezing in a cardio session, then do it after work, when you have the time. It will still help you to lose weight.

However, if you lift weights, we recommend you do your cardio session after your weightlifting workout. Doing so will give you some of the benefits of doing your cardio in the mornings.

After lifting weights, your body will be fatigued, and your glycogen depots depleted. It will force you to burn more body fat.

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What If I Get Dizzy Doing My Cardio on an Empty Stomach?

If you feel uncomfortable, light-headed, or feel like vomiting, then take a break from your cardio.

Get some fast carbohydrates like an apple or banana, and you will feel fine.

After that, you should evaluate what you are eating in the evening the night before to avoid your dizziness.

What If I Want to Do My Weightlifting in the Morning as Well?

There is nothing wrong with doing a 45-minute weightlifting session followed up with thirty minutes of cardio in the morning. But you must pay attention to how you feel. Your sugar, insulin, and hormone levels may drop to a degree where you feel discomfort. But if you feel fine, it is a great way to burn even more calories.

If you feel dizzy, try to have a protein shake or a banana right after your weightlifting before your cardio.

What If I am Still Not Getting Any Results?

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