10 Powerful Habits That Can Make Your Lose Weight Faster

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Do you have a feeling that your weight loss is not going fast enough? You know that your diet is right and that you are losing weight!

But still, you have a feeling that you can do a lot more to lose weight faster! You are just not sure what to do, to speed things up?

Stay with us for the next couple of minutes. Because we are going to give you 10 powerful habits, that will make you lose weight faster!

On top of that, they will also make you healthier and make sure you will never have to go on a diet again, as long as you follow these habits.

You just have to keep following these habits! I promise you, most of them are easy to carry out, and you will enjoy them!

Increase Your Protein Intake Especially Breakfast

Way too often are our most important meal of the day, our breakfast, a sugar bomb with way too many calories that will not do us any good, except crashing our blood sugar levels.

Since you have been sleeping, for at least 5 or 6 hours, what your body needs at this time are proteins for your cellular regeneration and some good low-glycemic that will fill up your energy depots for the rest of the day.

Make sure to get some whole eggs, either like scrambled or boiled. You can combine your eggs with some spinach, turkey bacon or lean chicken fillet. It will be an excellent starter for the day.

When it comes to low-glycemic carbohydrates, you can compliment your eggs with some oatmeal, fruits or nuts.

Your breakfast is really the meal of opportunities, when you want to lose weight, build lean muscles or improve your health.

Make sure to get up earlier and make the needed time and make breakfast your favorite meal of the day. Doing so will help you lose weight faster.

Get Some Probiotics

Excellent to promote health in your got and burn fat

Probiotics are active cultures that help you to keep your gut in balance. They are also very beneficial when you want to lose weight because they help you burn stomach fat.

The best way to get probiotics is with yogurts, and all you got to look for is the little seal, telling that the yogurt contains active cultures.

However, there is one problem having yogurts; most of them are loaded with sugar, some even more than a Coke. To avoid this, go for the all-natural yogurts, with no sugar, or use Greek yogurt. It is a healthy yogurt that carries many other benefits as well.

Getting probiotics is a great way to lose weight faster without having to put in the extra effort.

Make Yourself A Glass Of Home Made Tomato Juice

Make your own tomato juice

A daily glass of tomato juice is great for your health. Especially if you exchange it with a sugar-rich beverage, you are having during the day.

According to a recent study published in Nutrition Journal found that if you drink tomato juice for at least eight weeks, you will become able to burn an additional 100 calories daily, or 3000 monthly.

If you eliminate a sugar-rich beverage, for the tomato juice you can count these calories as well.

Keep You Hydrated

Since tomatoes are filled with water, they will also help you to stay hydrated and load you with good amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Make Your Own Tomato Juice

I highly encourage you to make your own tomato juice, because you will know what you get. The ones you buy can be packed with sugars and contain high levels of sodium and cause a weight gain instead.

Use Garlic More Frequently To Spice Up Your Meals

Horrible smell, but highly effective

I know the breath can be horrible but the benefits great, especially if you want to lose weight.

A recent garlic study has found that garlic powder can reduce body fat and support a healthy blood sugar metabolism that can help you to control fat levels in your blood.

Garlic is also the “magic” spice that can help you improve your immune system during cold winter times and help you avoid flu and colds.

Also consider garlic if you are concerned about high blood pressure, inflammation, or are having issues with your memory.

If the garlic smell gets too much, try to combine garlic with paisley, it will help you to eliminate the putrid odor.

Spice Up Your Meals To Lose Weight Faster

Spices are great to boost your metabolism and to burn more calories

It is not only garlic you should be using for your meals. Make sure to use plenty of peppers, chilis and other spices that will add that spicy flavor to your meals.

Spices like Chili and red pepper contain Capsaicin, also called Capsicum. It is the compound that adds the strong flavor to the chili or pepper fruit. On top of that, Capsicum will also make you lose weight.

First, when we eat spicy food, we will be eating less, because spicy food carries an appetite suppressing effect. However, Capsicum also gives you the benefits of increasing your body’s thermogenesis, or core temperature.

It means your metabolism will go up, and you will be burning additional calories in the hours to come after you had your spice meal. So enjoy the sweat you got on your forehead, it is an indication that you are burning extra calories.

If you are not fond of spicy meals or you want to enjoy this benefit more regularly, you can use PhenQ to help you. It comes with Capsicum so you daily can increase your thermogenesis.

Check out our PhenQ review more for information.

Use Colorful Plates For Your Meals

Get some strong colored dinner plates and avoid eating too much paste

Here is an interesting study, and a reason why you might want to exchange your white dinner plates with some colorful ones.

According to a study made by Cornell University, the color of your plates play a significant role when you have your meals.

If you use colorful plates, you are more likely to choose colorful foods such as vegetables, Salmon, and red meat. When using white dinner plates, you are likely going to eat more whites, in the form of pasta, rice, potatoes, and white bread.

We all know that greens is a great way to lose weight faster.

Have Your Meal On Specific Times

5 or 6 meals per day on specific times.

Especially when you want to lose weight, having meals on specific times are essential. Why? Because you need to have that daily structure that ensures, you will not end up having a pizza at ten p.m.

So when planning your diet, make sure to make time during the day for three main meals, and two or three snacks.

When it comes to nighttime snacks, make sure to keep them high in proteins and low in carbohydrates. However, it means less if you are exercising.

Have A Meal Back-Up Plan

Have a back=up plan to keep staying on your diet

No matter how you put it, something will always go wrong, so you are missing a couple of meals during the week. Either because you are busy at work, or because something came up.

To cope with these situations, it is essential that you have a backup plan. It can be having a small pack of nuts with you, or a container with a fresh green smoothie.

Most important is that you don’t fall into old eating habits when you are far away from healthy food.

If you get home from work late, make sure you have a salad available with some lean chicken fillet you can have before bedtime. Calling for pizza at 10 pm is an option you must avoid.

Move Your Body For At Least 30-Minutes Daily

Walking is easy but highly effective to promote weight loss and clear your mind.

Increasing your daily activity levels is essential for your weight loss. Doing it daily can quickly add up the extra calorie burn that will make it possible to reach your weight loss goals faster.

It doesn’t have to be something hard. It can be just as simple as going for a walk daily. Perhaps you have some spare time at work, or some hours before or after work.

Daily walks will also clear up your mind and give you some fresh air.

Use A Pomodoro Timer At Work

You can get them as an app for your computer.

A Pomodoro timer is a great tool that will help you to structure your day and make sure you are getting some work done.

It is a timer with 25 minutes intervals followed up with 5 minutes break intervals. The idea is that your work concentrated for 25 minutes and then do 5 minutes of rest. You run four or five cycles like this and then take a more extended break of fifteen to twenty minutes.

When you are having your 5 minutes of breaks, instead of going on Facebook, get up, and do some stretching or stepping exercises. Spend those five minutes on moving and using your body.

If you can run eight or nine Pomodoro times cycles daily including the 5-minute breaks, you will have increased your activity levels between 40 and 45 minutes, excluding the longer breaks.

At the time I am writing this article, I am using a Pomodoro timer. It is indeed a great tool that can benefit you in many ways.

(Bonus Habit) Get Started Exercising During The Week

Exercising is good for weight loss and to build lean muscles

Getting started increasing your levels of activity during the week is good and will give you a good calorie burn. But, nothing is as good as going to the gym to work out for an hour or so.

Whether you prefer doing cardio or lifting weights doesn’t really matter. The critical part here is to get your heart rate up and move some muscle mass.

Too many people are not spending their time in the gym optimal, they walk on a treadmill like they are watching shopping windows. Others are entirely into smartphones instead of working out.

Do yourself a favor, leave your smartphone in your bag in the locker room.


Cardio a great way to burn fat

When doing cardio; it is kind of a waste of your time, just to walk slowly on it. Keep a good speed without running. Make sure to get a pace where you barely can talk. Get some good music going, and push yourself.

Lifting Weights

Lifting weights is great for muscle building, strength and burning fat.

For sure you can do some old-fashioned bodybuilding where you do four sets and 8 or 10 reps. Just make sure your weight is heavy enough and that you are pushing yourself.

Alternatively, you can also do some circuit training, where you instead of having a break between your reps and sets, quickly move on to a new exercise for another body. When you continuously are switching between 3 or 4 exercises with no break, your heart rate will go up.

Doing Cardio and Lifting Weights

Cross fitness is great for an all effort workout.

Doing cross fitness is another option. If the coach is good, he or she will really know how to push to your limit. If he or she is not good, you will be wasting your time.

Before starting your cross fitness classes, I highly recommend you to spend some time training proper lifting techniques. It is essential because some exercises in cross fitness are for more experienced users. Doing deadlifts as a newbie is high-risk where you potentially can injure yourself heavily.

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At The Finish Line

Here You Go 10 Powerful Habits That Can Make You Lose Weight Faster. Get started to use as many of these habits, and you will start to get faster weight loss results.

To make the stick and become habits, you can work on getting them incorporated into your daily life, one by one.

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